Sumo seedling - next move?

serge94501May 11, 2014

Success! Two seedlings are up and away. So now...what's my next move? Do I ditch the little one since it's (probably) not a clone? Do I move the plant outdoors? When do I repot?

Kind of excited here even though it might be 10 years before I see any fruit.....and it might not even be Sumo!

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Congrats Serge I would let them both grow as I believe they are from 2 separate seeds . They are spaced I think to far apart to be both coming from the same seed. I would hold off a couple of weeks to transplant as the roots I'm sure are very small and you might end up breaking them off . I really hope you hear from Steve because he is our expert on growing from seed. Keep us posted on their progress .


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Grow them both for now, but keep an eye on the big one.
Definitely wait until there are a few developed leaves before separating them - and when you do take them outside, put them in some shade only. They'll be very tender and need to harden off to wind and temperature.


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Here's today's look. I think I am looking at the product of 4 or 5 seeds. The two shoots that are very close together and about the same height could be from 1 or 2 seeds. The other 3 are surely from individual seeds. The biggest one is just now starting to shoots of little siblings - should those get trimmed? If so, when? How much taller before I repot? Thanks!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

It's not about height, it's about leaf-development (as I mentioned in my previous post).


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Steve, Z (6Bground,5B roof) Cincy,OH

Citrus roots tend to not tangle so you will be safe keeping them there until about 6 inch tall. Also with more trees in the same pot, the trees will use the water faster. This may prevent root rot. What I have found to be the biggest problem is stem rot so water from underneath and in the morning so the day light can hold any soil surface fungus in check. I loose 9 out of 10 plants to damp-off (stem rot) I have used root-tone on the stem with great success. I also plant the tree permanently with about a quarter of an inch of root showing The root is a lot more resistant to damp-off.

Watch out for sunburn when you first expose the root. Expose it slowly. You can put them out now on the north side of your house and slowly allow them to get sunlight in the morning and evening. This will produce a plant at 10-14 leaves per 6 inch in height. I put the plants on the south side with a piece of glass blocking direct sunlight 3 hour ether side of solar noon. AS my plants grew bigger I had water melon vines shading the trunk so only the leaves got sun

Best of luck. You got the heat of summer with you coming.


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Well Steve I don't think they're going to make it to 5-6 inches. They are at about 3 now and are starting to lose their vigor - drooping leaves which once were stout. I think the end is near. There's no saving them if the dreaded damp off has hit, right?

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