Seed pods for the first time

kimka(Zone 6B)November 30, 2010

I've really just been lurking here but I've got my very first seed pods! I'm very excited. They are on either an Inca sun or an angel's summer dream (a friend's helpful 5 year old pulled labels out of pots on my deck and I just can't remember which pot is which on these two).

But how do I know when to harvest the seed pods and how do I store the seeds until I can plant them? I've brought my brugs in for the winter, but they had flower buds so I'm keeping them in the living room with full watering until the flowers all go. Then I'll encourage them to go dormant. But then I saw that this one also had about four seed pods.

Also, is there any good way to tell Inca sun and angel's summer dream apart?

I swore I was only going to do one brug because of having to haul it in and out, overwinter etc. I'm up to four now and drooling over doubles and triples....I'm such an addictive personality.

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Congratulations! The pods take a fairly long time to ripen. They'll soften and occasionally change color a bit when ripe. The stem might begin to change color as well. Ripe seeds are light tan to almost black. I'd spread them on a paper towel and allow them to dry thoroughly before storing them. I'd try to plant them this coming season. I've had seeds that were a couple years old sprout but the viability is better the fresher they are. If you want to plant any right away you don't have to peel the corky covering. BTW I'm queen of lost labels. I used to blame it on my youngest but I think it's more me. lol

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Good job on your seed pods. I hope to get some next year. I would like to reproduce the same species not hybridize. I don't know if people do this or not. I plan on trying to have some pairs of the same plant so I can give it a try. I think it would be neat to be able to plant brug seeds and get what you think you are getting. Probably just wishful thinking. This summer I bought some Tomato worms to hatch into Hummingbird moths but I never noticed any extras. Hopefully they laid eggs and I will have more next year. I read that they do the fertilizing of Brugs. Is this crazy?

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Bill I love the sphinx moths and they are just about the only thing around here that pollinate my brugs. Even with them I usually have to rely on hand pollination. Unfortunately they are also the most destructive brug pests in their larval stage. An adult hornworm can defoliate a brug almost overnight. Their camouflage is so good that you usually don't know they are there until the damage is done. I grow some extra tomatoes and keep the hornworms on those.

I'm not sure if using the same varieties to pollinate each other would give you that variety because of the combination of genes in each parent plant. It would be an interesting experiment. The only brug I can think of offhand that is self pollinating is the arborea.

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