birdsnbloomsMay 12, 2011

Hello. I just received a Papaya. It stands at least a foot tall.

Because I'm in z5, it will be grown in a pot.

Does anyone here grow Papaya in containers? If so, can you please help with its care?

Sun, soil, pH, humidity, temps, fertilizers.

One other thing. I was thinking of planting my Papaya in the garden during summer months. Is this a good or bad idea? Pros and Cons.

Are they fast-growers? I don't have the room for an 8' tree by autumn. lol. This happened with two Musas/Banana Trees a couple years ago.

Thanks much, Toni

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I would think their requirements would be similar to citrus. you might ask in the tropical fruits forum. I wouldnt put in the ground unless you can leave it there over winter.

You could use a large container and sink into the ground giving it the appearance that its in ground. I thought about doing that with my citrus.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Toni, I wouldn't put it directly in the ground, either.
I've never grown one, but my sister had one that died. Winter here is too cold.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Toni, depends on the variety. Some papayas can get quite tall. You might want to post this over on the Tropical Fruit forum. Lots of knowledgeable folks over there that can tell you more about growing papayas than on the Citrus forum. Be sure you let them know what variety papaya you have.

Patty S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Web Tropical Fruits Forum

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Thanks all..

I won the Papaya from a seller on Ebay. The seller didn't mention variety..I assumed he'd send a care sheet, including name, but all that came was the plant.

BTW, I'm a little irked. When I removed it from the box, (very carefully,) I didn't notice the top was cracked. Sure enough, some leaves browned. There weren't all that many to begine with. After the leaves browned, I inspected the Papaya and found the crack.

Guess I go to Trop Fruits Forum. But first I'll try emailing the seller to get a variety name. I didn't know type was important. BTW, what's the difference?

MK...Did you ever plant your citrus directly in the ground, then dig up in autumn? If so, how did it work?
I thought about experimenting w/one of my citrus, but fear bugs and roots growing too long, then breaking when dug up in fall.
However, I was successful planting a 7" grew like a weed. By fall it was 3' or taller. Roots were everywhere. I kept it for years. But it's one thing to experiment w/a 7" Brug opposed to one of my citrus. lol.

Josh.. Papaya, any variety, wouldn't be hardy here..Our winters are wayyy colder than yours, and for longer periods.
Sorry about your sisters plant. Is she near to your area?
A friend, you and I both know, who lives in Fl, lost a Papaya because of a freeze. Fl! Can you imagine?? What's the world coming to? lol..j/k.

Patty, thanks for the link..But, I'll have to notify the seller to get the variety before going to TF.

One last thing. Has anyone heard if/when the Fl ban, (shipping citrus) will or has ended? It's been six years? Maybe more...

Thanks all, Toni

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I never have. disturbing the roots every winter here would be a death sentence. I have thought seriously about putting a dwarf variety inground and building a temporary greenhouse over it. This past winter we saw -15f for about 2 days and that would for sure kill anything. I just got into banana, musa basjoo and ensete. The musa I plan to leave inground and remove the pup that has emerged to put in my greenhouse incase the mother doesnt make it. the mother should be ok with some mulch. the ensete will be dug up and stored also.

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