sorry with ginger please

diggy500November 15, 2009

hi all

karyn,i have posted this question and received no reply in the ginger forum..

i was told not to cut down my butterfly ginger when i brought them into the house....they are now turning brown..

i keep some under lights and some in front of sunny windows..

should i leave them alone or do i need to trim???

thx to anyone and everyone for the help...

and sorry to post a different question here...


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If it's already bloomed and is browning let it die back. If it hasn't bloomed you can keep it inside under grow lights to see if you get flowers. Mine don't start blooming until late summer. Once they've finished blooming cut them back and prepare them for storage. If you want to speed up the time it takes to cure the rhizome take them out of the pot, shake the soil off and let them dry out. Keep them someplace dry and above freezing while they are drying. Once the stems have dried cut them off and store the rhizome just like any other kind of rhizome/tuber/bulb. Plant it early in the seaon next year and keep it inside until it's warm enough to bring outside. Make sure it's in a large container. I've been doing this with my butterfly ginger for the past 5 or so years. They actually do best when planted inground. I'm just bad about remembering to lift them in the fall.

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thank you karyn
i appreciate the advice..

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