Violet Charm & Mrs Cholmondeley

summermusicz4iaJune 6, 2009

I have been lucky to find new-to-me large-size clems at both HD & Lowes this year. The other home improvement store has Violet Charm & Mrs Cholmondeley on sale. Large pots but only one vine, sparse, not nearly as healthy looking as the other stores. Are these varieties worth buying and giving TLC until fall, then planting out?

Both appear to be pale lavender so thinking they need partial shade. Any of you in the north grow these?

Thanks, Marlene

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Menards? I was there this last week & saw both of those for sale, but these are much nicer than the ones you are mentioning. I've seen Violet Charm at HD this year too. I've never seen Mrs C at one of these places til just now. I purchased her last summer from a nursery & she is taken her sweet time waking up this spring. I'm giving her the benefit that my weather has been crappy & her roots are shaded + being new. Although, I do have Candida right next to her (same nursery) that is currently blooming? Next year will be the true test.

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opheliathornvt zone 5

I grow Mrs. C and really like her. She's blooming now and she's pretty...well, blowsy is a good word for it. Kind of loose and untamed, but I like the color. Mine is only about 7' tall and I thought she'd get taller, but still a winner in my book.

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I have Violet Charm and like it a lot. Very nice, huge flowers, pretty tall - I have it on a 7' obelisk. It only gets morning sun, but doesn't mind it and blooms quite well. No wilt, no browning, no winter kill.

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