Oh MIkieeeeee where are YOU!!

buylady(z5b IL)May 27, 2011

any one seen Mike, Gawd i hope he's ok, haven't heard from him in a while!

Well all my plants are Happily playing on the deck rain rain rain is all we no here wayyyyyy to much.over 32" so far....probably dry as bone come summer...i got some fruit goin on again yipppeee..Happy Holidays to ALL

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Buylady, how have you been?

Mike's been busy, workin' hard, but I've heard from him and he's well.
He has a vacation coming up, so I'm sure we'll see him pop in ;-)


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Here I am!!!

You are always so thoughtful my friend! I am so happy to hear your trees are doing great, and fruit too? Yippy...:-)))

Imagine if you had left them in the mix you use to use? I wouldn't even want to think about that Buylady. 32 inches of rain? Ouch
I heard of all those thunderstorms you are getting there. I have a very dear friend that lives there too and she is a member here. I always think of people like you in harms way when it comes to tornados.
There is a very special person here that almost lost her house and had lots of damage in her neighborhood to the dreadful tornado in Louisiana!
I am so glad she is ok.
I talked to several people today and two of them are going to give citrus another try in the grittier mix and people at my Doctors said they all killed their vegetables last year using Miracle Grow. I wonder why?
They are going try again too, but a much better mix consisting mostly of bark
It has been crazy here, but I promise you that as soon as I get some time, I will take recent pictures of my trees happily frolicking in the nice warm weather finally.
It reached 89 today and 80's for the next 7 days. 90's on Memorial Day! It was in the 40's and 50's for about a month up to two days ago. Boy it got hot fast. Half my outdoor plants burnt.
I have to watch for my citrus too since I am still putting a few outside now that the temps are more stabilized.
I stick those under my trees and let them get dabbled sunlight.

So good to see you are doing ok first off and your plants too. I missed you.

Many hugs and we shall chat soon!

Hello Josh! I can't wait until your trees start flowering and your temps stableize too!:-)


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Were stable @ HOT now! ;-) 100 today! lol...

Good to see you all too!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello all!
Over on the other side of the mountains between JoJo and I, it's 40F this morning!
Forecast calls for cold and cloudy for the next 10 days.


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buylady(z5b IL)

Oh wow so glad to hear from you Mike i was gettin worried..i have one tree that flowered and made tiny fruit then most drop off when they are the size of tiny tiny pea why is that???? helpppppp

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