Any ideas for me?

lalalandwi(5b)June 15, 2009

I recently have been offered the opportunity to move to Florida & 95% sure I'm going to do it. The only thing that is stopping me is my yard! I have invested so much time $ into it & having a hard time giving it up. I will be renting a house for an undetermined amount of time, so bringing everything with me is not possible. I do have 29 clems that are must haves to bring along. Does anyone have an idea how I can recoop my cost on the remaining 32? The majority of them were planted last year, so I know they will be easy to dig up. Should I put them on Craigs List? Would you buy them from there?

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eden_in_me(5a Maine)

How about listing them here first?

I lost almost all the chalk hill clems that I paid a fortune to have shipped here, and can use some replacements.

Marie in ME

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Selling is prohibited on Gardenweb.

Craigslist and Ebay could help. If you will sell them on Craigslist, be sure to prepare pictures of your Clematis in bloom printed for buyers.
Do not expect to sell them at a full price. I sold some of my plants on Craigslist, but at a very low price.

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I have been doing some research on which clematis will do well in Florida & from what I have read ELF won't fair as well as texensis, intregrifolia & viticella, so the majority are 2's plus a few intregrifolias that look similiar enough that I will only bring 1. I can't even imagine trying to tend to 29 clems in pots down there but I am going to try my best. I love them too much to give them up.

I know I am going to lose $ & if I can gain 1/2 of it back I'd be happy. I just wish I had more time to have enjoyed them!

Alina, how much did you ask in the add? Would it be better to list 'make an offer' for Craigs list? Would Ebay be better? If Ebay, how much would you ask?

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Lucky you -- getting away from the rotten winters.

I would have a hard time leaving my garden too, and would do everything I could to keep my favorite clems.

I wish you all the best on your new adventure.

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Thank you Janet! It has been really hard! In addition to all of the clems I acquired last year, I also went a little daylily nuts & have over 100 of them that I'm trying to figure out which ones to bring. I posted on that forum as well & they have been extremely encouraging. Makes me feel like I should be gone already!

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You'll be able to grow evergreen daylilies without needing to worry about them not surviving winter. I'm sure it will be fun learning about all the new plants you will be able to grow. There is a Florida forum here, so that could be a huge help to you.

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cnetter(z5 Co)

Oooh, and you can grow Passiflora!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I would be interested in purchasing daylilies and Clematis from you if you are willing to ship. I know of an online forum where you are allowed to sell too. I'm sure you'd get more from other enthusiasts than on Craig's List.
Email me. If the link doesn't work my ISP is and my username is buyorsell888.

I'd move home to Phoenix in a heartbeat if my husband would go. Sunnier climate oh yea! I knew someone (online pond friend) who moved from Ohio to Florida and within two years half her friends and family had followed!

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LOL, I've already been to the Florida forum & it is a pretty active forum too! After searching that forum, the only clematis I read that someone has is crispa...native. I have that one so it is for sure coming with. I also searched this forum to see if anyone is growing them in FL. I ran across a thread that nckvilledude researched for someone & that is how I know the texensis, viticella & intregrifolias will do well.

The pros of being able to grow those evergreen dls might outweigh the cons of rust! Here it doesn't survive winter, down there I will have to spray like crazy.

You can try passiflora! I see it being sold in nurseries here as an annual, BUT I have heard of a few success stories of it coming back every year if it is in a protected spot. If you can find one for cheap, I would try it.

Leanne, you bet! I will put together a list for you. You may want a lot of those dls. I would love for them to go to a happy home :) I think I told you this before, my youngest brother & family live just outside of Phoenix. IF my family would ever decide to move, I believe it would be there & not FL. My dad is a few years from retirement & has mentioned getting a condo there. Mom refuses to because the majority of the grandkids are here.

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butterclem(z6 W.PA)

lalalandwi, I just caught up with this thread, and wanted to wish you the very best of luck. You've been a great asset to the forum (and specifically very helpful to me recently), and I hope you'll continue to participate in Florida. I can't imagine tending all those clems in pots! You're a brave woman. I have family in Cape Coral and don't see much in the way of gardens when I visit them, but I know the best gardens are rarely seen from the street! I'm sure yours will be one of them someday.

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Wow, butterclem! Thank you so much! Of course I will! I'm still trying to narrow down that list, but can't seem to part with them! I'll keep you posted on how everything to just sell the house. My family isn't making this very easy for me either. They are not telling me not to do it, but they are all using their kids to get me extra sappy :) Yesterday I was at my niece's 2nd bday party & started to cry. Today for Fathers Day & all of my sibs being there, just as bad. I have a lot more of those events coming up in the next month too. Trust me, this isn't easy. I wish I could pack all them up & bring them like a clem!

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