rough lemon seeds

Boris83May 4, 2012

Hi all, great forum! I'm living in the Netherlands, growing and grafting citrus plants in pots in my garding. I've been looking for seeds of the rough lemon, citrus jambhiri, recently. Does anybody know whether I can order some seeds on the internet? Thanks in advance for your help!


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wow! That's funny! I just bought a rough lemon at an Herb Faire here in SC. I had never heard of them and was just getting ready to find out about this plant. If I get seeds - I'll send you some!

RuthAnne in SC

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That's awesome! It should grow fast and the fruits have many seeds. Let me know when the plant starts fruiting.Thanks a lot!!

Boris in The Hague, Holland

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I think the EU might frown on you sending uncertified seed into Holland; that is if you don't get a visit first from the APHIS people who sometimes monitor these sites... especially this citrus site, now with all the HLB scares.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

That's absolutely correct, RuthAnne and Boris. One MUST be very careful about shipping plant parts of any kind across borders and across the ocean.

Boris, you need to research the internet and find a source that is licensed and certified to ship citrus seeds to you.

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sorry - never thought about that.....Is it a true citrus? I was told that I could plant it outside here in zone 8a. I'm just going to pot it up for now. It has huge thorns! I won't be shipping anything anywhere - I promise!


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