seed pods

pearlgirlNovember 18, 2010

This year some of my special brugs..P&C, santa rosa, misti

morn,etc formed nice seed pods. Some are nice, large ones

(still green). Is there a special way to let them dry in

order to salvage them? I took two large ones from my

santa rosa this morning because I was sending it for a

trade. It's lying there on the table because I'm not sure what to do with it. Tell me ...someone.


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If you picked the pods before they were ripe you might not be able to salvage any seeds. A pod doesn't have to dry out to be ripe. It remains green but it softens. Sometimes it does get a bit lighter and the stem will often begin to yellow. Ripe seeds range from tan to black and the covering is moist and spongy feeling whe fresh. You can plant them fresh without peeling the cork off. Unripe seeds are white. Sometimes it's possible to get them to germinate if they are planted immediately. Don't allow unripe seeds to dry out.

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Okay Ms Karen! Thanks!

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