cliftons or four winds or both lol- scared

GrowinCitrus(5b)May 22, 2012

Hi, everybody. New here, but as others have described themselves, a lurker for some time now, lol. I have some questions I'm hoping you can give advice about. Okay here they are:

1. Should I buy from Clifton's Flower & Garden Center or Four Winds for citrus trees? OR experiment and buy from both? For whatever reason I feel more at peace about Clifton's tree size, and situation (you'll get a taste why below). However, Clifton's charges literally an arm and a leg (jk), are their prices worth it? (please only people that have actually bought from them respond to that question, thanks)

2. I am scared to buy bareroots (fourwinds) because I have had mixed outcomes with transplanting bareroots (I do admit I recently have been digging in depth on other forums about gritty mix, so maybe that will make a big diff.)......Clifton's said I could keep my items in the containers w/soil they arrive in for a substantial amount of time before repotting (which makes me feel safer, thinking that will give them time to adjust to a much different climate). However, I will be having these as indoor container plants. I'm nervous that buying Clifton's complete setup, won't even matter because their soil (can,could,will??? attract fungus gnats, HOWEVER, you can put preventative stuff in your pot right??).

3. So, I guess my main question is, will Clifton's citrus truly be okay indoors in the setup they arrive in, be able to adjust well (if I take good care of them), and then I'd plant them in gritty mix after some months go by? Does that sound okay??

I live in MI zone 5b, and have an owari satsuma & dwarf apricot indoors in containers, among other plants,(they are doing well). I live in an apartment, and honestly if none of my citrus bear fruit that's not a big deal to me (I don't get much sunlight, so I suppliment with grow lights). As long as they stay strong and healthy, I can wait until I move (and put them in a sunny spot) to bear fruit. That's just a little background info for you, :).

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redshirtcat(6a MO StL)

I've ordered from both. I'd use 4winds. Mostly because bare root plants are preferable in my view. You can put them in a quality soil that will last without having to bare root them yourself. Much less traumatic for the plant and far less time consuming.

The plants from 4winds will likely be smaller than the ones from Cliftons. Shipping will probably be less with 4winds.

I wouldn't be put off by the bare root plants. If you pot them the same day or the next day they will be just fine. Put them in a grittyish mix or at least a high bark % mix and you will be pleased.

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I like the idea of a bigger tree, but I was questioning how hard the process would be bare rooting them once I was ready to put them in a gritty. Thanks for your input! Decisions,

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You cannot go wrong with one of the Heavy Weight Professional potting mixes from Fafard. You'll have to ask your good, privately owned garden center or nursery to special order it (or share their own stock with you), but it's worth finding it. It is NOT the same Fafard that is sold on the shelves in the retail market. This stuff has a very high percentage of bark.

I used to use a turface/granite/ bark based mix but went back to the Fafard....very happily.

Here is a link that might be useful: My recommendations

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