Citrus_canuck(6b)May 7, 2013

I have seen this on 2 of my trees and cannot see ANY pest. I dont remember seeing as many 'biten' leaves, so I'm not sure if theres something in the soil that climbs up and eats, or its old damage. They are inside plants... so, I just dont know what is doing it. Any ideas? Does it look like older bites or? Would another picture help, maybe one that is still on the tree?

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looks like it was torn. any pets, kids, friends around the house?

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Nothing that gets near, but maybe in transport when I bought them. th marks dont match up and thre are a lot of pieces missing. I hope thats all it is!

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Your photo is clearly physical damage; something or someone hit it or pulled on it, etc. Not insect or disease caused.

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