Help! found white powdery scale and webs on lime, lemon tree.

chopinloverMay 27, 2012

Was just pruning the suckers off the bottom of my lime bush and found what reminds me of powdery mildew and tiny webs along the stems. I then inspected other trees and see this on my young Shamel ash and lemon tree. I also saw ants racing up and down the trunks. Came in an looked up scale. Went back out and applied Amdro ant bait not far from the trunks of all said trees.

I see a tiny bit on my huge grown ash trees but they seem unaffected..... what else should i do?

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krismast(6 S.E. PA)

Well I'm no expert as I'm just starting out and I know other people on here will be able to help you further. But one method I know to control scale is to spray the tree down with horticultural oil.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

chopinlover, you'll get all kinds of good information if you can get us some pictures. Your description of webs, white powdery stuff, and ants....we gotta have some pictures!

By the way, make sure that you do not use the Amdro around your citrus (or any edible crop) when it is getting ready to bear fruit. I'm sure you know that by reading the label, though.

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