Gritty Mix CRF

juventusopp(6B)May 4, 2014

Hello all

I've recently moved over all my citrus plants to al's gritty mix. I did not add a CRF at the time but want to now. I believe citrus need a fertilizer ratio of 5-1-3? and my plants are currently being given FP 9-3-6. I don't have access to the osmocote line of products because I live in Canada. Can anyone recommend a different product or a favourable citrus ratio for a CRF that I can add? Thanks in advance.

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There is no need to add the controlled fertilizer unless you don't plan on using your Foliage Pro..

By the way, despite what others may think, it is the only product you need to use if used consistently as your trees love:-)


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I agree, FP is great and provides everything they need. However, i would still like to add a CRF because I am going out of town for a while and really don't trust my friend will water everything correctly haha.


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Agree with Mike 100%.

Go ahead and add the Osmocote to supplement at half dosage. It's fine esp for short vacations. The gritty mix has always needed way more fert for my trees, but living in 6b is a different experience than mine.

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Thanks. As I mentioned above I don't have access to osmocote and would like to know a ratio favourable for citrus only. Eg 5-1-3 Thanks

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Cebury is dead on@!

That is why I asked you if you were going to be consistent...

Our mixes require a heck of fertilizing and the control release helps a ton..When I was on my broken foot, I depended heavily on the CRF...

I think your CRF will be just fine..

Good luck

Hello my friend Cebury! Hoping you and your trees are well these days..I was thinking of you last week:-)


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I don't have a CRF. My citrus are only getting FP. I'd like to add a CRF but need to know a ratio that would work well for the parameters I've mentioned above.

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As you can infer from our posts, it's almost doesn't matter what ratio for "extra CRF here and there". Most of the stuff you'll find will be suitable, because you are already using FP.

Anything near 5-1-3, 3-1-2, or even 3-1-1 will be great for that purpose. Heck, I would even use 14-14-14 if that's all I had and was going to use before I went on vaca. If you can find one with micros including calcium, even better. There are plenty of 14-3-9, 18-6-9, 14-14-14, and 17-5-8 retailed CRFs -- all will work acceptably.

But keep in mind, your CRF won't adequately "feed" your plants when you are on vacation if your friend doesn't water much. The majority of CRF is released when the soil is watered (moisture or moisture+temp triggers the release of nutrients).

Good luck!

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Great thanks. I will continue to use FP but wanted some insurance as well. They are heavy feeders so it should only help. Thanks all.

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