Project: Walmart jade rescue

heteroclite13(8b)September 14, 2012

These guys were minutes away from being trash. The soil is bone-dry and the leaves are dropping like it's fall. What should I do (aside from already purchasing them at a steal) to save them?

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americangolden(ZONE 5B)

I would suggest getting them out of the soil they are in. When the soil is so caked on like that I would use the sink faucet with the water running and keep breaking off all of the dirt that is caked onto the roots. After a while of doing this you can get mostly all of the bad soil off of the roots.

Next step would be to get a gritty mix such as Al's Gritty Mix, or even mixing up your own. Just be sure that it lets water run through it quickly, don't use any dirt like they are currently in.

If your weather permits I would put them outside in a shady location to start recovering from the transplant. You can also give them a nice soaking of water to help perk them back up after being so dry. Once you start noticing that they are perking up after a while you can start moving them into brighter sun gradually. I'm not sure how much nice weather you have before it is cold out because I don't know your location.

Taking these steps should ensure that these plants perk back up. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do. Your Jades will enjoy their new home :-).

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Good find!

I also have a Walmart Jade, which had seven stems in the pot.
I separated them all and they now reside in the 5-1-1 mix, after having recovered nicely from the transplant..

Winter coming though, with choices of either East facing or slightly Northwest facing windows. I'm sure I'll be here for more help..

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Sorry I forgot to post my zone. I'm in Pensacola, Florida. Out of curiosity, what about fish tank gravel as a planting media? I'd rather not have to spend more money right now and have some gravel laying around. For that matter, what about tempered glass cullet, like they are putting in gas fireplaces?

Here is a link that might be useful: fire pit glass

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americangolden(ZONE 5B)

I've used fish tank gravel last year before I found all the ingredients for Al's Gritty Mix. I'm not sure about the tempered glass cullet, someone else would have to answer that one.

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what about fish tank gravel as a planting media?

The size is good but the coloring is something I wouldn't consider as it looks more fake colored than real. if it looks fake it probably is fake

what about tempered glass cullet ?

Neat looking material lasting a long time with out breaking down, it is hard to see/know how porous they are by the small color sample pics.
I would use the bronze colored cullets as part of a top dressing for a couple of containers a dish or two.

If cullets where to be used in a mix I would have to see it in action on a paper plate with water for absorption and draining. And how it treats roots does it pinch younger roots or allow them to move and grow freely

Agway has a few items at reasonably low prices some Agways are offering pine fines as well and other items like dry stall, other feed type grits that will help you make a good gritty mix.

home depot or lowes finds: Include bagged construction sand that would need sifting and bagged perlite

For self found materials a good mix is 1 part each of three items that provide a fast sharp draining or 1-1-1.

The self found materials would work for a reasonable start or until you where able to locate/get ideal gritty mix potting materials.

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So, we'll see how well this does... I took a bowl and laid out the string, mixed the fish gravel with an activated carbon and 'ammonia fighting crystals' for a fish filter, plunked it in the moss nest, and tied it all up...

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