Which Gold cultivars? Need info on size and appearance

parviflorafanJanuary 5, 2014

I looked up Pinus sylvestris cultivars "Gold Medal" and "Nisbet's Gold". We have "Gold Coin" and really love it. Want to add one more cultivar.

1. Does "Gold Medal" remain yellow in summer as Talon Buchholz's site says?

2. What are the growth rates of these 2 compared to "Gold Coin". I got different rates on different websites. I appreciate input from zone 5 growers growing these in full sun.

3. Is "Nisbet's Gold" denser than "Gold Medal" and "Gold Coin" ?

Thanks very much.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

in my ... z5 MI ..... OPINION ... one winter gold sylvestris is basically going to look and act like any other such ... [we arent talking about dwarf... etc]

and i would discount anything someone in the PNW says otherwise ... as their growing climate is so different than mine... i dont recall where you are in z5 ... not that they arent spot on on how they grow for them ....

unless you have significant acreage.. i dont know why you would want two.. with all your other options out there...

in my yard.. gold coin and aurea... are near look alikes .... as to color.. growth rate.. form ... etc ... dont have the others you mention ...


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Thanks Ken,

We live in upstate New York. I agree that the color will probably be similar. Just wondering if the trees look different or have different growht rates. Love the teal/sea green summer color - nice contrast to the blues, greens and yellows.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how different can any group of sylvestis be???

other than annual growth rate ...

i would look.. in pix.. to prior leader growth.. to compare such ... keeping in mind.. that producers who grow in pots can and do hyper-fertilize due to the system they deal with ....


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