Abies koreana 'Wustemeyer' and Abies koreana 'Silverkugel'

garcanad(5)January 4, 2014

The RHS Encyclopedia of Conifers indicated that Abies koreana 'Wustemeyer' and Abies koreana 'Silverkugel' are syn. My Abies koreana 'Wustemeyer' and the images shown in some nurseries look more like Abies koreana 'Freudenberg'. Can some experts in this forum comment on this? Thanks

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

It's true cultivar name in German is 'Silberkugel', not 'Silverkugel'.
This means 'Silver Globe' in English.

It was found by my German friend Werner Wüstemeyer and he gave it first the temporary name 'H.B. Wüstemeyer no. 1'.

I think your Abies koreana 'Wüstemeyer' is a mistake for Abies koreana 'Zwergform Wüstemeyer' which has an upright growing habit.
'Zwergform Wüstemeyer' was also a temporary name for what is now Abies koreana 'Lippetal', named after a town in Germany.

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Thank you very much Edwin; such a clear and informative response. You are a respected conifer cultivar identification expert for good reasons.
Here is a pic of my plant:

I will update my database accordingly.

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Very nice picture!

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

Garcan, thanks for your compliment!
Your pic is showing an Abies koreana 'Lippetal'.

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Richard, Thanks.
Edwin, Thanks for the confirmation. After looking at some pic of Abies koreana 'Lippetal' on the internet, now I am wondering some of the top branches of my plant may be showing signs of reversion.

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LOL, I know of at least two prominent nurseries that are offering both 'Wüstemeyer/Zwegform Wüstemeyer' and 'Lippetal' currently, and at different prices for the same (pot) size no less! In both cases, the appelation 'Lippetal' commends the higher sticker price :0).

Garcan, that is a very lovely fir in your garden! I'm sure it must be equally lovely in winter covered in snow...


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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

Alex, it seems that they didn't their homework very carefully...don't you think?

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On one hand I find it very good, that Edwin knows what plants were renamed at his german friend by the times. Thats very good to make problems clear.
On the other hand I also think, if we had breeders or authors, who are able to give names in situ, without later change, our work should have been much more easier in following conifer history.

By this way I like sometimes Edwin for these infos. I m fighting since 30 years with authors, who name their plants HB 1, WB 2, WB # 145, HB 28 and so on. Even the bests are able to kill their plants with unuseful names.

The most tragic story is the Horstmann's. Everything is full with HB names, sometimes HB 5 or 8. By this way without loveable and unsoldable names the Horstmann Heritage is lost for the conifer history.
Half of the Jerry Morris Heritage is also lost by numbers.

The czech breeders are able to give names in the forest in situ. Why are others not able this?
Chub Harper, Joe Stupka was also able to give names in situ, and their hertiage will be not lost.


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