A little update

texasfern(8)November 15, 2009

Back in late Sept. Brenda sent me some cuttings.

Wish I had taken pics then, but oh well.

Here are some of them today, doing well I think.

I did loose a few, broke my heart. They got mushy.

My original girl is on her second flush.

A friend of mine was over the other night and sitting on the patio, she just couldn't get over the fragrence.

I can't wait until I have as many as I can stuff in the yard all blooming and smelly good!

Thanks again Brenda!

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You're doing a great job with your plants. Brenda is
just a Sweetie...that's all.

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forever_a_newbie(z7/8 VA)

I would like to update the cuttings that Brenda sent me

I lost a few cuttings to rotting but the rest are growing nicely. Thank you very much Brenda.

Happy gardening

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Looking great!

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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Really nice cutting, love the picture of the under neath

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Those are looking great, Pat. I hear cold weather is coming our way. Since it's only going to be in the 40's for two nights and then warm up again, I plan on leaving my brugs outside and just move them closer to the house. I'll bring the begonias in for the night. Trying to decide about the houseplants, I hate to bring them in early.

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