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pump_toad(z4 iowa)June 14, 2010

I have a 3 year clematis which has never bloomed and I am quite sure it is Artic Queen. This spring I hard pruned it again although it's a type 2 and it had been growing nicely with large buds. Some of the leaves are wilting but what puzzles me is the buds look to have a white fuzzy coating for lack of a better description.What causes that? One bud has already dried up so I am sure the rest will do the same.


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my kingfisher has fuzzy buds. Its like peach fuzz. Pretty sure its perfectly normal for certain types of clems.

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pump_toad(z4 iowa)

Thank's. It's nice to know my clematis is normal.I sure hope the buds open but they really do look strange.I have been wanting Kingfisher so this is good to know in advance.

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