Anyone in Aiken County, SC grow pittosporum?

butterfly4uOctober 5, 2010

Aiken county, SC, bought and planted 5 dark green pittosporum bushes on front lawn.

We have had very little rain all summer, I am trying to keep them somewhat moist til they take.

Anyone have any experience with these?

Do they grow well here?

Do they need fertilizing?

My soil is sandy, so it will get excellent drainage, and they are in full sun. No sunburn as of yet, but it is September.

I planted them for privacy and hope they grow big enough for privacy from the road.

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Years ago, when I was in graduate school at the University of South Carolina (Columbia), pittosporum was used extensively for hedging and also as specimen shrubs that were allowed to grow freely into the size of small trees. I hope pittosporum continues to be a part of USC's landscaping. Pittosporum is a low maintenance plant that requires virtually no care. It is a beautiful evergreen that has lovely orange-blossom flowers in the late spring, followed by attractive red fruits in the fall. It's one of my favorite evergreens; and I grow it here in northwestern SC, a little more than one hundred miles northwest of Columbia. (Of course, I'm aware that's not Aiken County.) However, I think _Pittosporum tobira_ should develop into a fine hedge in Aiken County provided you have spaced the plants closely enough together without overcrowding them. Pittosporum responds well to shearing; and if you want to grow it as a sheared hedge, you may want to plant the shrubs more closely together to ensure the density you may require. If you shear the pittosporum, you'll probably lose most, if not all, its flowers and fruit. Some of our songbirds enjoy the fruit.

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I grow them here in the sandhills of NC. I have the variegated variety. Because of my sand I have a hard time establishing shubbery. Everything I plant tends to get smaller rather than larger. The pittosporum have been one of my successes. I planted them with plenty of composted soil conditioner. I have never watered them except for the first couple of months. We had an extremely hot summer with a long period of no rain and they still look fantastic.

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Thank you so much for the encouraging words.
I want flowers, so we will play it by ear and mabey
I'll only trim the shrubs where I need to. I planted them about 3-4 feet apart so I was hoping for some serious privacy. Awesome!
Dellare- I know what you mean about sandy soil, I am growing plants in a sand dune.
I'm glad you had success with the pittosporum, it is going to be nice to have something evergreen in the winter also.
God I hope they take off,
This has been a terrible summer with no rain again.
I have to get another job for my water bill LOL!

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Butterfly, the Aiken area has two well known nurseries owned by world famous plant hunters; Woodlanders Nursery and Nurseries Caroliniana. Hopefully you have visited both. While there buy some Georgia Savory (Clinopodium georgianum) which is a wonderful semi-evergreen 'filler' perennial that thrives on sandhills. In blossom now. A bee magnet. Fragrant. Choice, seldom used plant.

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Thank you so much for the tip. Will do.
I love fragrants.

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