Help identify my yuzu tree pest

c1trus953May 7, 2013

We live in sunny California and recently planted yuzu tree in our backyard. Right away we notice that the new leaves are eaten by pests. Originally we saw ants and we sprayed the tree. Ants are gone but something still eating my yuzu plant and the orange tree next to it. Mostly just the new leaves. The yuzu tree is small - maybe 3 feet high. The orange maybe 6 or 7 feet.
I've been watching the plants and see no evidence of caterpillars, leaf miners, or snails. We do have snail food as bait around the plants.

What could possibly be the culprit? Thank you in advance. Would love to post more pictures if needed.

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With earwigs, are they obvious with naked eyes? I've not seen them. I am not having any luck seeing the pests in my trees.

Saw this (attached pic) on my orange tree leaves, which is next to my yuzu - not touching. Could these what's making holes on the leaves of both my yuzu and orange trees? Thanks.

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Looks to be some sort of mite; you can treat with horticultural oil, or neem oil if you prefer. That is not what is chewing your leaves. If it is earwigs, you can find them on the ground under wood, leaves, etc. They do most of their damage at night, so you may not see them during the day on your plants.

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