two brug cuttings in one pot

canyonwind(9)November 2, 2010

I was reading phatboyrose's thread "First Year" posted last week. He (Harold) put two brug cuttings in one pot. I had no idea you could do that.

So here is my question....How big of a pot would you recommend? I am not sure what size pot Harold used.

I received cuttings from Kathy (Kasha77) a year ago. The ones that I put in 1 gallon pots became rootbound quickly. I moved them up to a larger size....rootbound again. I then put each of them individually in to pots with a height of 16 inches/16 inch diameter. Rootbound again, so I root pruned them. Well, some of them are rootbound again. They are doing beautifully. I would think that Harold's pot with two cuttings would have become rootbound real fast???? And I have assumed, possibly incorrectly, that if brugs are rootbound, they will not bloom. Whatever Harold did, it worked.

Your thoughts...........

Thanks much!!


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They develop extensive root systems pretty quick, especially in a warm climate. My mature container plants are in 25-30" diameter pots and they fill with roots. I can't go up any bigger or it's too difficult to move and store them. You can keep two plants in one large container but will likely have to do some root pruning at the end of every growing season. Just unpot the plants and slice off the bottom few inches of roots as well as a couple inches around the perimeter. You'll have to trim the plants back as well because you have reduced the root system. Just put a few inches of new soil in the pot, pop the plant back in and fill with soil. My container brugs bloom and the pots are full of roots. You should be ok as long as there's not solid roots circling the bottom of the container. You'll see roots emerge from the drainage holes even when they aren't root bound. The problem is when the entire pot fills with roots and you see more roots then soil. What would be much easier is to just plant them inground in your zone. They can grow as much as they want and you don't have to do a thing that way.

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