Red Butterfly Bush

puppyscruff(7/NC)October 1, 2012

I've had problems with 2 individual red butterfly bushes. Both died. Not sure if they were Miss Molly or Miss Ruby or another cultivar. A friend who is a better gardener than moi, told me one died on her this summer also. Is there anything going on with these plants/color. Most buddleia grow like weeds...I must have about 8 in my garden of various colors.

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I've have a Miss Ruby that I've been keeping in a pot for the last two years. I just put it in the ground this summer.It did okay in the pot but didn't realy thrive. I'll have to wait til next spring to let you know how it does in the ground. Like you most of my other butterfly bushes grow like weeds and I am always pulling up seedlings. The only one I have had problems with has been "Honeycomb" (the yellow one), Ive lost two of them.

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Thanks Hosta200. I was hoping to get more of a response from other posters to get a feel for the problem, but your comment helps.

My friend/neighbor and I both bought the yellow honeycomb variety about 2 years ago. They are both huge and mine is not in full sun. I even moved it in early spring b/c it had gotten too large for the spot.

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