lisbon lemon tree

prettyinbleuMay 22, 2011


my sister recently moved to a new house with a lisbon lemon tree in the backyard. the tree looks to be in bad shape. it appears that it's been pruned, maybe a little too much (?) and it needs some TLC. i would like to attach two pictures of the tree but i can't seem to... i appreciate any/all tips you all might have.

thank you!


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Angela,
To post pictures you have 2 ways of doing it.

First, they must be uploaded to a free hosting sight, such as Photobucket, picassa, and a few others out there.

Then all you need to do is copy and past the html code right here in the text box.
It will show your picture when you look at the preview. If not, something went wrong.

you can post a link below in the boxes provided. I know photobucket will have a link you can copy and paste in the link box.

I hope that makes sense, if not, just ask and someone will get you there. :=)


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hi jojo!

thanks for the help about posting pictures! below are two pictures of the citrus tree in question.

as you can see, it needs some TLC. i would appreciate any help, tips or suggestions. my sister tells me that she was watering the tree once a week, but she cut it back to once a month because she felt that she was watering it too much. is it better to water it once a week, 2x/month or monthly? also, she started feeding it once a month with vigoro citrus fertilizer.

thank you again for the help!


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