(creeping) phlox subulata

etznab(7 NC)November 19, 2009

Does anyone grown creeping phlox in this climate? I know it blooms in the Spring, but what does it look like the rest of the year? Does the foliage it die back in freezing temperatures or is it mostly evergreen? I'm trying to naturalize a small area and was wondering if this might be a good choice.

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Tammy Kennedy

It's evergreen. it makes a needly-looking mat. Very neat and clean. It would make a good ground cover, esp if you underplanted with some small fall and summer blooming bulbs to liven things up when it isn't blooming.

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Claire Pickett

The big boxes like Lowes will have a huge array of ground phlox in the early spring. It spreads nicely here in full to part sun, but it doesn't like to be shaded too much by other plants. This has been my experience, but I do not have full, full sun anywhere.

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Tammy Kennedy

I agree with puppyscruff. I mostly have part sun and it does fine, but it will lose it's leaves and die out in that spot if it gets overshadowed by bigger plants for too long. It roots as it goes, so it just keeps on growing in the spots it likes. So if you did plant bulbs make sure they are small stuff that won't overshadow it- like fall crocus or stuff like that.

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