What is this?

suzie29November 7, 2012

Some kind of disease or what? It happened last fall too when it stayed more damp. I really hurt the plant , when spring came it stayed a small, weak plant all this year with tiny leaves. Last fall was on CG, its now on cherub & Santa Rosa. It will eventually cover all the branches too.

I plan on spraying it with bayer disease control by Friday, I dont know what else to do.

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It can be several issues. We'll need a little more information.
Overnight temps?
Are they in pots or in the ground?
Last fertilization?
Type soil?

If your overnight temps are dipping into the low 40's - high 30's they maybe going dormant.

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Some in pots some in ground (amended clay), some have been in the ground for a few years never showing these symptoms before.

I fertilized about 2 weeks ago with MG water soluble.

Potting soil is MG moisture control, always works good for me.

Low temps in low 50s, not even close to going to sleep for winter. That will change this weekend though but I will keep them warm.

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Looks to me like spider mites and white flies. I would remove as many leaves as possible , then spray the backsides of the ones left on the plant. ( I can see white flies in one of the pictures )

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I sprayed it with the bayer dc & it stopped (on all the plants) what every this fast spreading thing was dead in its track. I pulled off all infected leaves & its looking much healthier now.

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