My kaffir lime tree is growing single leaves as well as double...

lauraofthespicedlifeMay 1, 2009

Does anyone know why this is happening or if it is cause for concern? I have had the kaffir lime tree for 2 years now. It winters indoors and summers out (I live in SW Ohio), although based on rate of growth it has been so happy indoors this winter I have been uncertain about moving it since the kaffir lime tree does not like to be moved much (according to Nicholls Garden Nursery, who sold me the tree). Anyway, all of the branches in one direction are shrubby and densely clustered with the classic dark green double kaffir lime leaves. However to the other direction, the branches are longer, taller, with HUGE single leaves that are lighter green.

I would post a photo but cannot see how to.

Can anyone tell me anything about this?

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

sounds like you may have growth from below the graft. If so, cut it off completely or it will take over and the grafted part that you want will die out.

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I too am in S.W.Ohio and wanting to nurture my Kaffir lime. It is now outside ,growing and seems happy. Thinking of moving it up a size pot wise ,but don't know if it prefers to be root bound.

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