The happy & the sad Clemmies!

ditasJune 2, 2011

Hi I thought I'd share by 5 of 6 Clems - SAC is still trying to catch up with climbing for a Sept show! (Nellie M did not return ~ sigh!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Happy & Sad times

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memama_gayle(z8 NC)

They are beautiful! Know you are enjoying all the blooms!

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Thank you m-m gayle ~ I am & so very in awe of M Boisselot! She is simply breath taking this season ~ made up for those years she was massacred by earwigs & or went on *sudden wilt episodes*.

About sad Ramona ~ I was wondering about the ice-melting-salt, my neighbor sprinkles on the side walk, since Ramona is planted at the foot of *No Parking* post in the curb?
Josephine, I believe is definitely iron deficient ~ tell tale sign of green veins on yellowed leaves & smaller/pale blossoms.

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Snow Queen produced well this season but in a matter of 1 week petals are blowing off ~ sigh! However she continuous to produce buds & fill up some!

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