What are the names of these succulents? Please help

dianashhSeptember 4, 2013

Hello (: so I'm new to Cacti & Succulents. I live in Jordan and my Mum got me these succulents from Moscow. Does anybody know what are the names of the succulents in the picture that I posted on here? And how do I take care of them? Thank you (: xx

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Might be a Cotyledon on the left (it's a relative of the jade plant), and Pleiospilos on the left, which look a little etiolated (grown in too little sun).

Not Moscow, Idaho I take it?

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

The one on the left MIGHT be a Cotyledon or perhaps a Sedum, but I'd need a better pic to determine.

On the right seems to be a Pleiospilos, but I could be wrong. If Ryan or Ryan (beachplants or hanzrobo) comes along, they may know right off the bat...and also help you with how to grow info. =)

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City of Moscow Russia... Thank you for the replies :) I am adding a clearer picture now (:

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Thanks for the better pic. Middle one is a Cotyledon...I believe C. orbiculata 'Oophylla' (though many are now listing it as a variety of the species). I saw one today at a big box store,they were calling a "mini Oophylla".

Did they put names on the labels?

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I read Russian and can help reading the labels - although the above answers say you probably do not need it any more. :-)

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