How do you fertilize a meyer lemon that has baby fruit on it?

ideal2545(9B)May 3, 2012

Hi All,

So my Meyer is not there yet, BUT, it just occurred to me that many people have told me that you are not supposed to fertilize a tree when it has baby fruit on it. Is it fine to just keep on using 1/4 TBSP of FP PRO when it has baby fruit on it, or better to just cut off fertilizing?

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Who said it was wrong to feed your tree in this stage when it is hungry?

I would continue to fertilize as you would a growing child. Good nutrition is needed at all times.


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Citrus that is mature enough to bear fruit can be fertilized in early spring, summer, and fall. They need more nitrogen than potassium or phosphorus.

Here is a link that might be useful: growing citrus trees

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I fertilize my Meyers 1st of January, May, and September; if the May fert period coincides with a big bloom, I delay it a few weeks. Sometimes Meyers, if fertilized during the bloom, will drop blooms and start growing leaves.

If the color is good, the plant is growing, and it is blooming, best to leave it alone until the fruits are set, then hit it with fert. and foliar with minerals.

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Ideal: Aren't you growing in pots?


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

MeyerMike is right, container citrus will need more frequent fertilizing than in-ground citrus, so Ideal, I would follow whatever schedule Mike is using for his container citrus if you're asking about that. I would LOVE to have mine look like his, so do what Mike does with container citrus. He's got it right. In ground citrus is a different process, and what lgteacher sent you is great info for in-ground, same with John's schedule, although I don't usually fertilize until February, as it just isn't really warm enough in January where I live. I fertilize my in-ground every 2 to 3 months starting in Feb and through Oct. I try to fert. before flower buds start to appear, and then after fruit set. That can vary from variety to variety, so sometimes it's hard to time that, as I'm just too lazy to come out a different times for different trees :-)

Patty S.

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I am growing in pots indeed. Thanks for the information, I'll just keep on FP'ing with a bit of vinegar! I picked up another Meyer for the hell of it that was going to get tossed away because the owner thought it was doing poorly, it has some baby lemons on it and the leaves have signs of malnutrition RE: micronutrients, but I think FP will clear that right up sooner than later.

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Oh yes! Foliage Pro applied at a regular basis along with vinegar will do wonders! Do you have any idea of how many trees I saved? I am still trying to figure out Lemon Meyer in my area, but I am coming along:-)

Hello Patty! I will be in touch with you soon:-)


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