Citrus Espalier ?'s

too_ambitious(8)May 7, 2006

Ok, so after lurking here for some time I have finally registered to ask a question of all you lovely ladies and gents.

I'm looking to grow a tree in my sheltered patio and my hubby is set on a sweet lemon (he got hooked on them when we lived in New Zealand). I *think* after much research I've found a variety of lemon that is sweet (so far it's looking like a Sanbokan Sweet Lemon) even if it most likely won't be the exact same fruit.

The clincher is that I haven't been able to find a dwarf variety of this tree. I really have no limit to how tall the tree can get, but five feet is the widest I can go. It would be up against a 5'x5' masonry wall.

My mother told me about espalier training as a way to make it... smaller and after doing some online research I've seen some really beautiful forms.

So the question is: has anyone tried this? Do you have any tips for a newbie? Should I even bother?

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rickjames(9 Cali)

You must be in Florida if you're a zone 10 with access to a Sanbokan sweet lemon...which, incidentally, I would love to find in Califonia but doubt I ever will :(

I've had no need to do so, but in local nurseries and garden centers I've seen small potted citrus trees already trained to a trellis, so it is possible. You can keep your tree to any size or shape by trimming as needed, though you'd prolly have to do less if you did find a dwarfing rootstock. I'm sure it will love all the heat of z 10 with the added heat from the masonry wall...


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