Centella Asiatica

jdbheartseaseNovember 16, 2009

I got a Centella Asisatica at the High Point Swap and was just wandering if this plant is winter hardy? It's a tasty little plant. Does anyone use it for medicinal properties?

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I haven't grown it, but I believe it's hardy zones 7-11.

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torajima - Thank you for your response. I have it planted in a larger pot sitting next to the house. Has very neat foilage and tasty leaves. jdbheartease

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My experience with centella/Gotu Kola in zone 7 is that it DOES NOT overwinter. Hope you see this before the upcoming cold of this weekend. It is pretty amenable to living indoors for the winter, so take it in. It's a shallow rooted plant, so doesn't need a deep pot.

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If it's still living - I'll bring it in. Thanks for the info.

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Hi I am from Burma. We use a lot of Gotu kola in every meal. We eat just as is or we make salad.

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