how to post pictures

thistle(ontario 5b)June 14, 2005

Never having done this I am completely befuddled as to how to post pictures to the forums.I have seen some info but unfortunately I am such a novice I need step by step instructions. Can anyone help please?

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Hi and welcome. I've posted this before on other forums, but I hope no one minds that I post this again. I would have linked to the old post, but it has scrolled off.
Depending on your level of skill and confidence, you may not need instructions as detailed as these.
First you need a Photobucket account.
Go to Photobucket and open that account.
Find a picture on your hard drive that you want to add to Photobucket. Look at it on your screen.
Click on File, Save as, and take note of what directory it is being saved in. Write it down if necessary.
Go to PhotoBucket
Go to your album.
It will look like this.
Place your cursor in the box UNDER the Add pictures from URL (see the circled item)

Click on BROWSE
You will get a window something like this:

Browse to the folder containing your pictures by double clicking your way to it. It helps if you know ahead of time where they are.
Double click on the photo you want to add.
You will see part of the photo name in the box (see the circled item)

Click on SUBMIT and wait.
When the picture has been added, there will be a message. (see the circled item)

Under the photo you have just added will be up to three lines - URL, TAG and IMG (see the circled item)

You will need the TAG to embed photos into your message. If you click on that box, it will be highlighted. Copy that (CTL-C) and go to your message thread. Paste it in the message where you want it. (CTL-V).
If you donÂt see the TAG option, click on ACCOUNT OPTIONS
Make sure there is a dot in the YES circle in front of TAG (see the circled item)

If you want to add multiple pictures, click on the little down arrow beside Submit Multiple Pictures (see the circled item)

There will be a drop down menu allowing you to choose up to 19 pictures.
Browse for each picture as above.
DonÂt know if I covered everything, but if you have any more questions, please ask.

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CanadianCeedub(6a Pickering ON)

This makes me dizzy just reading it. Way too complicated. Other gardening sites have far easier systems. I'll just stick to chatting on this site.

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Bless_My_Bloomers(Z5b Canada)

The instructions worked for me (thanks Homemaker!). I was successful in posting on the test forum but the next day, I received an email from a fellow gwebber suggestion that I resize...the pic was way too big and would take forever to load for dial-up people. A free site on how to resize was recommended but it was way too complicated for there a simpler way? Perhaps in photobucket?



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Bless_My_Bloomers(Z5b Canada)

suggestion??? that should be suggesting..duh!


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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

Bloomers, I just looked at your picture in the test forum. I don't know what terramadre was looking at. Your picture file size was between 59 KB and 60KB which is a good size for posting. Terramadre has an excellent point. If it were actually 219 KB that takes time for someone on dialup and just over half of internet users are. Irfanview is really easy to use to resize pictures. Just open the picture and then use the 'Save As' function to save it as a jpg file. It will give you an option to save it at a quality less than 100%. Save it at a quality of 50% and it will be less than half the size. By the way, to check the size of a picture right click on it and select 'Properties' from the drop down menu.

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Bless_My_Bloomers(Z5b Canada)

Hi Bob; Thank you! (The pic seemed ok to me too when I opened it.) I've saved your instructions and will be sure to check size before I post...I really appreciate your help.

I take it you are okay after yesterday...? Third time this week?

Take care and thanks again


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Hi Bloomers!
I'm on dial-up and your photo was just fine.
What I've discovered in Photobucket, is that if a photo is truly too big, you can go to Photobucket and "edit" the photo.
Click in the edit button and you will see something like this:

If you read carefully, you will see that renaming a file will break links. You can resize (downwards) to your hearts content. Please note that you cannot make a photo larger after you shrink it.

I work in two windows, one with Photobucket open and the other one has the problematic posting open. I usually resize to 75%, then go back to my posting and refresh it to see how much smaller it is.

After a while, you develop a sense of whether you need to start reducing to 50% of the original or if 75% is enough.
Hope this helps.

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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

There is a difference in the two methods of resizing. Photobucket reduces the physical dimensions, which is a good thing if your picture is too large to fit in the space you want.
The way I outlined in Irfanview leaves the physical dimensions the same, but reduces the file size.
If you check the file size of your picture on photobucket before and after resizing you will find they are the same even though the physical dimensions have changed.

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Sorry, this thread seems to be hijacked!

Bob, I resized the picture in my last post(above)about resizing, and it went from 54715 bytes to 33771 bytes by rezizing in Photobucket to 75% of original, so it does change the file size somewhat.

I also use Irfanview, but not for photo going to Photobucket, since I find that Photobucket does a pretty good job of reducing the size.

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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

I only hope that people think about the file size of their photos before they post them. I have a good dsl connection and almost all pictures appear instantly when I click on the link. However I remember the years on dial up watching them appear line by line. You soon give up when the file sizes are too big.
You have the file sizes to the nearest byte and I can't argue with your result. I just tried again. I clicked on a thumbnail on photobucket and right clicked on the photo and checked the properties. It said the file size was 80.79 KB. I resized it to 75% clicked on the thumbnail and got the same size when I checked the properties of the photo.

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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

I just tried again and the size was reduced. I apologize for thinking you were mistaken.

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gardengirl_17(z5 OH)

Homemaker, thanks for the instructions - they worked for me! I had been posting my photobucket links in the "Optional Link URL" location when I post a message but never figured out how to embed the image into the actual message. Since I already had the photobucket account, all I had to do was copy and past the Tag into a message. So easy I'm embarassed I never figured it out! See....

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ImaHockeyMom(SW Mich--Zone 5)

Also regarding size -- BOTH qualities are important!

The physical size of the picture affects how it looks on the forum -- if you have a picture whose initial dimensions are 20" wide by 25" high, then that's what it's going to be like when people try to view it in your post. They'll have to scroll left-to-right and up-to-down in order to see the entire image, which defeats the point in being able to see the entire picture at once. Another annoying outcome of a large photo size is that all the posts in that thread will "word wrap" (or the "carriage return" for those of us old enough to know what a typewriter is) based on the right-hand margin of where that huge picture ends, so everyone has to scroll all the way to the right to read all the text in that thread.

The file-size of the picture affects how long it takes to load, particularly for people on dialup.

Physical size and file size are somewhat related, but not completely. Normally a really large physical size photo will also have a large file size, but it's not necessarily the case. It's possible to have a huge physical-size picture that is really low-resolution (grainy) and so has an acceptable file size for dialup. Also, it's possible to have a really high-resolution picture that has smaller physical dimensions, but the high-resolution makes the file size bigger than you would expect for that smaller physical size.

If you have any photo-editing software, it will be able to edit both the physical size of the picture and also the file size. If you don't know how to do it, just ask a 10yo -- they seem to know EVERYTHING when it comes to computers! LOL

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scoutsadie(z7, Howard County, MD)

I've found that one can also post pictures in this way:

1. Copy the URL of the picture from your online photo album (I use Shutterfly) by right-clicking on the photo and selecting "Properties" from the menu, the highlighting the URL and hitting Ctrl-C

2. Paste the URL into your message by placing your cursor in the message box and hitting Ctrl-V

3. In front of the URL, type a less-than sign:

then immediately after the less-than sign, type:

img src=

then add a space after the equal sign and then a set of quotation marks before and a set immediately after the URL

(Sorry, I can't type it here because you'd just see a "broken image" icon and not the actual coding.)

You should be able to preview the message and see the picture in your post.

If this doesn't work, make sure you don't have any stray spaces and that you do have the correct characters as shown above (ie, the Hope this helps.

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flyingflower(San Francisco Bay Area (CA))

Homemaker, I'm printing out your tutorial, thanks! I wasn't going to fuss over the size of the photo but if I can (easily) learn how to resize it I might as well do it.

If this works with Craigslist it means I can sell more stuff without waiting for DH to add the photos to his website. I like that.

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Homemaker thanks for the instructions!

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suzymac(z6, Mass.)

Homemaker, I struggled on my own years ago and finally learned, but I sure wish you had been around then ! Your simple step by step instructions are a great help for those who struggle as I did ! Thanks for taking the time to help others. You earn 4 stars !

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Barbara Olson

If you want to adjust the physical dimensions of a pic in your post, without changing the original try this:

(img src=""; height="200px")

if you want people to be able to click on your image to view it full size:
(a href="")(img src=""; height="200px")(/a)

so you understand what the HTML means, for those who don't:
img is short for image
src is short for source
px is short for pixels

replace the ()'s with type brackets, but this let's me type it out for you to see. I'll post test images for you

Full size:

Reduced to 200px:

Clickable and Reduced:

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Thanks for the html lesson Zaya. I will have to copy your directions so I will have them for future reference. I typically just use a program such as IRFanview to resize my pictures. I find it takes a whole lot less time on dial up to upload the pictures to Photobucket that way rather than uploading large size pictures to that site. Also, Photobucket automatically resizes your pictures if they are over a certain size. By the way, what is the syntax so you can make specific text various sizes and in bold? Thanks again.

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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

Notice that reducing the dimensions of the photo the way Zaya did above does not reduce the file size. If you right click and click on properties of each you will find they are all 61.95 KB. This is a good size for posting so isn't important here. However if you want to reduce file from 250 KB to 60 KB or so for the convenience of dial up users Irfanview is the way to go.
If you do a google search for html tutorial you will find many of them. I will post a link to one below.

Here is a link that might be useful: html tutorial.

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Thanks Bob.

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nckvilledudes: Here's where I learned tricks about posting links, colours, bold text and so much more!
Hope it helps you too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tutorial 6 - (HTML, Links, Images, Colours etc)

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Thanks Homemaker. I can build computers but don't know diddley about HTML. Thanks for the link!

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Hmmm when I tested this out on a different board, it came out as a link to click on ... what the heck am I doing wrong? I went to photobucket, added a pic, clicked on Tag, did ctrl c , did ctrl v in the thread, and nadda. HELP!

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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

Gardenweb uses the 'Tag'. Some sites use the 'Img' which is under the 'Tag' on photobucket.

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almendra(z9 CA/ Sunset 17)


Thanks for posting the instructions. I had them bookmarked for the time I felt brave enough to do a posting, and I just posted my very first picture at the cottage garden forum.

Zaya, I will attempt to resize the pic. later using your instructions as well when I recover the neurons I have used up. :)


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First try. Camellia azalea.

It works very well! Thank you for the explanation.

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scoutsadie(z7, Howard County, MD)

In my post above from a few years ago (which I just had to search for in the archives because I forgot how to post pics!), I left out the greater-than sign at the end of the URL that should appear after the closing quotation marks. The end of the line should look something like:


where the dots are the characters at the end of the URL.

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esemilio(Z5 WI)

Cannot make it workfor me.

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