What is my citrus tree?

ekeys23May 31, 2012

Hello all! I've had this tree for 3 years. He's very special to me, and is currently thriving after languishing in a Brooklyn 1 window apt for a year. (oh how I love personifying my plants)

He bloomed late last summer, and all the fruit fell off except this one, which is currently lightening in color and feels sort of soft when squeezed, but doesn't come off the branch when gently twisted.

After fertilizing with espoma citrustone, he bloomed again and has about 11 fruits now. He's had a few bouts of scale (which you can see below) that I've treated with neem oil.

So my question is: what is he? And, when will my fruit be ready for harvest?

Ive always assumed he was a Meyer lemon tree, but that fruit is large and seems too round to be a lemon...also, the blooms have all been white, with no purple. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

There's another person that visits this forum occasionally who feels that his citrus is a SHE. I think that he even named his. Perhaps you two ought to get together, lol. Or let your plant meet his plant.

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"He" could be many things. The images don't really rule out grapefruit, or oranges, or possibly a Ponderosa lemon, although the fruit is sort of too round for that, or hybrids of some of those species.

However, I'd say you're going to get to find out pretty soon, it looks like the older fruit is beginning to ripen

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Well, Meyer lemons can be very round, and they can vary significantly on one tree. You'll know it's a lemon by the color of the flower and the new flush - they will have a purplish tinge to them. If this tree doesn't have any thorns or very, very small ones, I would say it's an orange. Doesn't look like a grapefruit to me - the leaves do not have winged petioles. Pretty sure it's an orange, so watch your fruit develop. If they start turning orange, then, well, you've got an orange. As the fruit matures, you can scratch the peel, and the smell of the peel will also help you ID your citrus tree. It looks very healthy, you're doing a great job with it!

Patty S.

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Thanks, all! I knew I'd figure it out once that fruit was ripe, but I was worried about it possibly being a lime and having it overripen on the branch.

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Looks like a Persian lime to me, aka Bearrs lime; it is best when it begins to get a yellowish tinge, but if you like that juice-less, bitter taste (for gin and tonic, shall we say), you can harvest it now. If the flowers didn't have the notable purple base it is not a Meyer; besides the leaves don't look like a Meyer.

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Have you figured out what the tree is? We have the same citrus tree in our backyard and I was also wondering what it is.

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She/ He looks exactly like my Washington Navel tree. I like it!


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Just noticed on your second photo, with the dime... the leaf next to the fruit has a winged petiole; that rules out lemon, as no lemon has a winged petiole.

Based on that and the shape, it likely an orange, proly Valencia; but could be one of many types.

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