ruby red grapfruit (wanted)

Jsschrstrcks(9)May 9, 2012

Anyone have Ruby Red Grapefruit seeds?

I had one when I bought my property, but the no-name storm of 93 weakened it. I thought it was going to make it, until the house mover ran over it with my house. I was pleased...

Never knew what kind it was until recently when I tried a ruby red grapefruit... I remember mine being a little bit sweeter, but its the closest I've ever tried for sure.

Any way, I have a couple of acres... So I'm willing to grow out a few varieties :). Willing to trade most anything on my grow list... I have a number of veggies and herbs besides... Alternatively I can send a SASE.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Jsschrstrcks, not sure where you're located, but a lot of us cannot mail any part of a citrus, seeds, scion wood, fruit, etc. due to the restrictions placed on certain states (pretty much all the "citrus" states). And, cannot receive out of state citrus either. So, let us know where you live, first. If you're in Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia or S. Carolina, you're living in a quarantined state, and most likely cannot swap seeds. Check with your local county extension office or local USDA office to see. The days of swapping citrus seeds are going by the wayside with HLB, Citrus Canker and Trizesta virus I'm afraid.

Patty S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Save our Citrus Web Site

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I am in florida unfortunately... So that means I would need to find someone here locally in Florida that I could meet and pick up seeds/seedlings from?

The local nursery is consistently out of everything but limes, lemons, and citrons. They are getting 50-75$ for a 2 gallon plant as well. Here locally any way.

If I were to find a local individual, would it be legal if the seeds went through the mail, but not across state lines?

I don't want to get in trouble - as you can imagine.

I'm off to go read that link you posted.


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Virtually all citrus you buy is from a scion that was grafted onto a different rootstock. The scion, which becomes the fruit bearing part of the tree, is chosen for its flavor or other qualities. The rootstock is chosen for its disease resistance. If you plant a seed, it may not be as hardy a tree as you want. That's why the trees at the nursery are more expensive, although compared to California, your Florida trees are super expensive. It could be because HLB is already pervasive in Florida.

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So if what I'm reading is correct, its ok to bring citrus INTO florida, as long as its not from a quarantine area, just can't send citrus out right?

yeah, I understand that LG, and have even successfully grafted certain plants together...

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Are you dead set on seeds? I am not sure where you are in FL but $50 for a 2 gal is crazy expensive that is what a 7 gal runs down here. I do not understand why you don't just order a 4 inch grow pot from someone in state like Harris or Brite leaf for $15 bucks plus shipping and be done with it. On a side note I noticed you had white 7-pot seeds, do you know of any source for those, as I do not have anything to trade at this time.


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Not dead set. But I like being thrifty haha.

15$ is better than 50 no doubt.

I traded for mine over on, I've the same screen name over there. IF mine survives, and I get some pods - I can hook you up later in the season :).


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Well there is always November for the next grapefruit season then, but good luck.


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