Jade plant varieties

shouck(z4 NY)September 28, 2006


I've had a jade plant for many years, Crassula ovata, the plain green variety. A couple years ago I got C. ovata 'tricolor'. Yesterday I got two more young plants, C. ovata 'vareigata' and C. 'Hummels Sunset'. Can anyone tell me if there are other varieties out there? I'd like to add any more I can find to my collection.



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Trond(Z5, Norway)

Try to get hold of the dwarf called 'Crosby's Compact' and also 'Gollum' and 'Hobbit' are normally available... All mighty fine plants!

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

I have about 23 varieties at this time. Some are plants that have been renamed by other growers, which does not mean that there can't be duplicate plants, just duplicate names. Some should not have been named, ('Peek') is one that I can think of right now. I have one that I may name 'Splatter' because it looks as if white paint spilled all over the floor. I will not do this because it just isn't different enough. Norma

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Whoa! 23 varieties, Norma? Do you keep most of your varieties in pots or in the ground? What all do you collect? I'm into cactus, Euphorbias, Aloes, etc. My only jade is the species. Just recently taken a big interest in jungle cactus and I suspect Stapelias may be next.

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One of my favorites is 'Skinny Fingers' (Norma, I think you gave me this name...) which is another sport very similar to 'Gollum' but the leaves are mostly pointed...

'Gollum' has the indented leaf ends...

'Hobbit' has turned back leaves (this one I cut back this summer to make the trunk thicken for a bonsai affect)...

And I have one that has characteristics of both 'Gollum' and 'Hobbit'...

I also have two different sizes of miniature-leaved Jades - one very tiny and one a little bigger. Have no idea what varieties they are, though.

Denise in Omaha

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You have a very nice jade collection. That Hobbit trunk is fattening nicely and Skinny Fingers is mind blowing!

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Thanks, Fred. I won a blue ribbon in my local C&S club show a few years ago with that 'Skinny Fingers' which I thought was pretty impressive. I always have to work and never have time to help with setup at the shows, so when I came back the next day to look at the show plants, there was a 'Gollum' someone had brought sitting behind my 'Skinny Fingers' that made it look like a dwarf! That thing was 3' tall and about 2' wide! You don't see them like that around here (I know the Californians are yawning at this size...) Maybe someday, one of mine will get that big!

Denise in Omaha

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

All of mine are species or sports. All found on the same mountain side in Africa. None are hybrids that I know of.
Hummel did many of these plants, they are sports, "Crosby's Compacata' is really Crassula jade agentea A very old name. They all had latin names at one time, until Johnson wanted to give them cute names so they could sell better. He is the one that started that trend, and all followed. If you can find 'Waves' get it. It has a round pom pom type of flower. The leaves undulate. I have a new Crassula arborcense that is called 'Break Dancer' It is also a sport. There is Jade: Huntington's Pink Beuty', 'Ruby', 'Crosby's Sunset(Tri-Color)' 'Hummels Sunset', 'Peek', 'Skinny Fingers', 'Gollum', 'Hobbit', 'Coral' 'Crosby's Compacta'
'Crosby's Red' I grow many in open run, and the ones in the pots are doing just find. But I live in an area where the weather is almost identcal to So West Africa. They like it hot and dry with very fast drainage, and rocks in the soil. They do not like high humidity. They do not like house heaters, they do not like offices, they need fresh moving air. They need to be bone dry in the winter or they will rot. Norma

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There are rarely any interesting ones to be had around here. I did see Gollum the other day and also a miniature jade that looks just like the common one only a fraction of the size...I may have to go back for them. I prefer fresh moving air to an office as well LOL.

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jmc_1987(7a VA)

I have 4 variaties,(i dont really know the scientific names, so forgive me), i have the normal green, the dwarf, varigated, and the skinny fingers, although its leaves are deeper green than posted above.

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I bought Gollum yesterday. They also had Hobbit but there just didnt seem to be enough difference in the leaves to excite me. They had a mini but I'm holding out for the micro-mini I saw in Dyersburg a couple weeks ago. As a rule variegated plants don't appeal to me so I doubt I'll get it. Gollum will be an awesome bonsai for me.

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JMC - Color just depends on sun. They take on a more red/orange/yellow cast when grown in full sun, a deep green with less sun.

Norma - 'Waves' and 'Break Dancer' must be hard to find. I got my starts from you and have yet to find anyone but you that have them!

Denise in Omaha

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I have been told that many of the varieries of jade plants are caused by a virus similar to the virus that causes some cacti to grow into "crested" versions. Is this true? Is there any information on this? Please contact evilneedle69@yahoo.com Thanks ~ T

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I've never had any problem with Jade sports reverting back to normal growth, though I have had this happen with crested plants. I've also found that a lot of crested plants can go along growing fine and one day, they just collapse. One that comes to mind is a Sedum praeltum I got a few years ago as a neat fan crest. After a year or so, it started to collapse and I took a bunch of cuttings. Some of the cuttings have grown normal, others have some cristation. Very weird...

I guess this is the first I've heard of a virus causing a plant to crest, though there are probably a variety of possible causes. I would imagine if a plant crests due to a virus, if it runs its course and is done, it could revert back?? And by the same token, that might explain why some plants collapse, maybe succumbing to the virus. Here's some info I have bookmarked about crests, montrose, sports...

"In a cristate, or crested plant instead of the growing point being a single lateral apex, it is a (long) horizontal line at the apex consisting of many growing points in a symetrical line, forming patterns like a fan if straight, or a "brain" if wavy, or like a rooster comb."

"In monstrose plants, the mutation occur takes place all over the plant, not just at the top or apex. Growth points originate all over the stem or branches causing very irregular growth. The resulting plant may bear little or no resemblance to its sister or brother in the same species of plant."

"In botany, a sport is a part of a plant (normally a woody plant, but sometimes in herbs as well) that shows morphological differences from the rest of the plant. Sports may differ by foliage shape or color, flowers, or branch structure. Sports with desirable characteristics are often propagated vegetatively to form new cultivars. Such selections are often prone to "reversion", meaning that part or all of the plant reverts to its original form."


Denise in Omaha

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shouck, there is an article written by Trond S. Gimre entitled "Crassula ovata, it's varieties, and cultivars." Along with the info above, it will help you answer your question.

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I have a jade plant and cant identify what kind of jade it may be. Would you please send me pictures of different kinds and label them so that I am able to identify mine.

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

d_nice, It is customary for you to post a pic of yours and then we can ID it here.

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When I sent out "Jade" I was sending about 13-15 at a time
I love the way you are growing them, and consider Denise an expert. 'Break' dancer I would appreciate if you don't release the plant yet. We want to use it as an ISI introcution. 'Gollum' 'Hobbit' 'Coral' 'Skinny Fingers' are all sports and are similar. There are at least two two names for 'Hummels Sunset' others took the plant and renamed it for sales. I think Mr. Crosby was the most guilty of this. All of the names are listed in the New Crassula book, I supplied them to Marina Welheim, I didn't know that whe was going to print it with her own name, she didn't tell me.
I send our very few plants at this time. Norma

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