Orange tree care

charger69May 31, 2007

I bought my first orange tree 2 years ago. I know very little about orange trees, but tried to read up on them. Part of the problem is that I can't find much information for the climate that I live in. Sunny everyday and up to 120 F in the summer.

I believe that I have found the correct amount of water to give it because it appears to be growing quicker. The problem ( or at least I think that it is a problem) is that the tree grows out and not up. Every time a new limb starts to grow upwards, the leaves come out and bend it over to the side. I really want to trim it so that the new shoots will grow off of a thicker limb and not bend over, but I have read that you should not trim them. Is this normal?

I would really like to hear advise from someone with experience because I hear all sorts of advice from people that do not have orange trees. NOTE: I do know that orange trees will grow in this area.

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120 degrees...sounds like grapefruit country. What area are you in? You could always stake up the limbs that are falling over until they get strong enough. Is the tree other-wise healthy and fine? Any way to post a picture?

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CA Kate

I have a Washington Orange that also wants to be a shrub and go sideways. I would stake an upright branch as suggested... if only mine would grow one.

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Last summer we visited Florida, We brought home an Orange tree in a pot. It mostly stays inside since we live in Michigan. It shot out a new branch and it looks good. Since then nothing is happening I have it in a 25 gallon pot and its in a peatmoss base potting soil. And now the little leaves are falling off. P.S Nats has also moved in. Thanks for any reply on this.

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Sounds like you live out near palm desert? I know Indio, Palm Springs, and El Centro and that area can get upto 120F in the summer.

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About your orange tree. It was illegal for you to move the tree outside of Florida (at least i believe that to still be the case) so unless you find out otherwise I would destroy that tree and maybe any other citrus you may have had it near.

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You may be facing a water logged tree. by having it either in an over sized container and or poor soil drainage.

As far as Nat's you could use Safer Soap. or a weak solution of Dawn dish detergent in a spray bottle.

You may also want to check the root temp. 70f-21c Please Reply.

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Thanks for the reply I increased the temp in the house when I'm away the furnace was set to 64 I think I might have been givng it a cold. As for the nats tho since the temp was down there they died off I'm also going to pick up a grow light thinking that help out also. I'll keep you up to date.

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I have a small (about 1 1/2 feet tall) orange tree in a pot, and i noticed that some of the branches are starting to wither from the end of the branch (drying). I purchase it almost a year ago from a grower and it had flowers, he told me to take away the flowers so the tree can grow more faster and i did as he said. I fertilize it every month with an orange tree fertilizer or 20-20-20 fertilizer and always keep the soil moisture. I live in Puerto Rico (Caribbean) where the weather is tropical and it rains almost every day in this time of the year. The tree is in an area of the yard (by the side of the house) where it receives sun part of the day. What should i do to prevent it from wither completely?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Some citrus grow upright some flop over. My Washington navel is a flopper so I support branches in the desired position until they will support themselves and a big fruit crop. My Chandler pummelo is a much stronger grower. It sends up long stout shoots. But they get so long they finnally flop over as well. So I'm supporting both. They both crop so heavily I'd have to support them in any case or accept a lot of fruit on the ground.

The Fruitnut

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I have an Oro Blanco dwarf (?) that seems to grow with a weeping habit (e.g. the branches mostly grow out or even down), and that may be just how the tree is. Staking for a year or so is probably your best bet.


I think it's a light issue too. I've tried to keep a grapefruit indoors, in the SW corner of the house (a bathroom), but after all of it's leaves dropped, I moved it back outside. It grows leaves now, but the long hot full summer sun burns them. Poor thing, it's getting some of that 50% shade cover next year (sun burns the fruit on the Oro Blanco too, so the cover will help with that too).


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I have an "ORO BLANCO" too.... Just got it from 4 winds this past spring! They are beautiful arn't they!
Mines looks so healthy and green. All new growth too. BUt mine does the same thing.
I was growing new branches and as they got longer they weeped donwward. Hey, maybe we will have weeping grapefruit trees. The new growth was only about 3 inches long when in started to grow downward.

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about two weeks ago I planted my orange tree its about 6ft tall dug the hole twice as round as the root ball and almost has deep as the rootball gave it water and a fertilizer spike the leaves are curling and they have brown spots what can I do to fix this ....thanks

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Getting rid of the fertilizer spikes....would be a good place to a start.

Secondly, newly transplanted trees will often experience leaf-droop or leaf-drop.

When a tree's roots are disturbed - planted or re-potted - the roots are "offline"
for a while. During that time, the plant won't be conducting photosynthesis
or transpiration as well as it had been previously, and this can lead to leaf damage...
particularly if the tree is planted in full sun (in a windy location).

Can you take a picture of the affected leaves, the planting site, and the height
of the trunk at the soil line? That'll help with diagnosis.


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I have an orange tree the first I got about 6
Oranges. The next year I just had growth and
now this year tons of blooms and then little
Oranges. But had only to blooms and the little
green fruits fell off. It looks really healthy. It's
A tree that goes out in the summer and inside
in the winter. We live in Ohio.

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I live in Jacksonville Florida.

I have been growing these trees since March. They are about three feet tall. And some are babies, about 2-3 and 6inches tall. The Leaves are turning under and the there is a shinny gloss on those leaves. I think they are infected with something. I also see little white bugs sometimes flying around.
What can I do to save my trees?

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Spray spray spray!

Find yourself a good horticultural oil. You could even use a natural soapy water and spray all over the leaves under and on top.
Try and clean the leaves off as much as you can too. They are a good size to be able to control any pest and maintain it that way.

I would also spray a good solution of Fish Emulsion water to keep the pests under control.

It sounds like white fly, but not sure unless you provide a picture.

There are two very good pest experts here, Jean and Rhizo in particular that will find there way to helping you if you just ask and provide photo.

Good luck and I hope it goes well.

Don't forget to only apply any solution you use only at sunset or the wee hours in the am.


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My orange tree is 2 years old and has been doing ok. I learned that they usually don't bear fruit until the third year. Now the tree is starting to get dying leaves and even a few branches appear to be dying, but there is also a lot of new growth. any ideas what is going on with my tree? It gets plenty of water and sun. Is it going thru a phase due to extreme temps? They usually grow well in this area

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

smidty2, I would start a new message, and check of the notification box, so you can see when responses are sent to you, instead of tacking onto this really old message. And, we need more info to be able to help you: Where are you, how is the tree planted (in the ground or in a container, and if in a container, what kind of potting mix), how hot is it in your area, are you fertilizing and if so, with what, how much and when? And lastly, if you could post some photos, pictures speak a thousand words. Just upload them to, then copy and past the .html code right into the body of your message. That way, the photos show right in the message, much easier than trying to pull up another webpage to see the pics :-)

Patty S.

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