Petals separating at base

agardenstateof_mindJune 6, 2014

The petals of one of my clematis are separating at the base before the bloom opens. Two blooms had opened as usual, but the rest are tightly closed, though seem large and mature enough to open. When I gently separated the petal tips on one flower, it instantly opened.

There is no sign of distress, disease or infestation anywhere on this plant, which I have had about 3-4 years without any problem.

I cannot recall the name of this variety, a Japanese name I think, single purple flowers with yellow anthers.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I don't quite understand what you mean. Are the sepals (petals) detaching themselves from the stamens (center filaments) and dropping to the ground before the flower opens?

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Thank you for responding. The sepals are detaching from the base of the stamens, but not dropping - the buds are still firmly closed. It is only on close inspection that one notices that some or all of the sepals are detached. I should have taken a picture.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

That's what I thought you meant and I've never seen it. It seems like the anthers are holding the sepals (petals) in place? My only thought was the moisture level. But since you have others and this one is 3-4 yrs. old that's unlikely.

A mystery bug is depositing glue!

Sorry I have no idea. Hope it's not a rare disease. Maybe that variety disliked the severe winter? Keep us posted on rebloom behavior.

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