Dwarf Meyer Lemon

triciaIL(z4b/5aIL)May 26, 2005

I just got a meyer lemon tree for the first time this week and I am wondering when I should start to use fertilizer on it. And I am not to sure what kind to use. I can't seem to find anything but Miracle-gro shake and feed and on their website it states that it is not for trees in containers. I was told at a greenhouse here in town that any bloom fertilizer would do. Does anyone know if that is true or what use I should be looking for. Thanks so much.


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Tricia, I just got a Meyer's today, too..from Acorn Springs..
No, it's not true that you should feed with any blooming food.
When you do feed, try an Azalia/Rhododendron fertilizer. Also, you can find citrus food online..That's how I got mine since it's impossible finding citrus food here in IL.
Since the Shake & Feed site warns not to use on container plants, I surely wouldn't go against their warning..Toni

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I agree with Toni, not to use a shake & feed. An acid fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content, lower phosphorus,and a medium potassium would be a good fertilizer. Toni's recomendation of an azalia fertilizer which would be something like a 30-10-10 would also be ok. A fertilizer with a ratio of 5-1-3 would be perfect but will be hard to find. Citrus are really not all that fussy and most acid type fertilizers will work. Be sure to purchase a fertilizer that also contains all the common trace minerals. A Meyer Lemon is not the easiest citrus to grow successfully. Millet

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Thank you for your help, I am going to go out today and see what I can find.

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goodground(z6 NJ)

As far as the feeding schedule, everyone probably does it different. Your zone might be a factor as well. Once a month has worked good for me with the Azalia/Rhododendron fertilizer. I didn't fertilize while it was dormant in winter. I started with a Meyer as my first tree, and it has behaved very good so far. Good Luck with it :)

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chopstocky(z6 NY Sunset 37)

Can one use Hollytone on citrus?

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Chop, what is Hollytone? Is it a type of ferilizer and if so, what are the 3 major numbers..Eg, 5-10-5 etc..Toni

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Toni - Hollytone made by Espoma is a naturally-derived slow release fertilizer for acid-loving plants that also contains sulfur as an acidifier. The product has been around for decades. I use it on my acid lovers like my blueberries, gardenia, camellia, etc. and I'll use it on occassion on plants like my tropical hibiscus. It reports NPK as 4-6-4.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hollytone

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Jenny, thanks..Under the feed schedule, it says to feed twice a year..do you follow their directions?
I didn't see any mention of container feeding..do you use for plants in pots? Thanks, Toni

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chopstocky(z6 NY Sunset 37)

Jenny, thanks for answering that. I haven't been able to get to the boards lately- been busy.

I just picked up a small bag of Hollytone. I read on GW that they were good for Blueberries. The package also says it's good for azalias and rhododendrons. Since it was acid I was wondering if the lemon and lime trees would like it?

I also have bone meal which a nursery recommended for my apple tree. It's NPK is 4-12-0. Would that be good for citrus?

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Chops, bonemeal doesn't contain enough nitrogen to keep a citrus a nice, healthy green color. Toni

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Toni - sorry I missed your message. I have been using Hollytone in my containers for some time. It's basically a combo of stuff that can be bought separately (bone meal, cottonseed meal, alfalfa, green sand, manure, etc). The product has been around for a number of decades. I just sprinkle a small amount on the top of the soil or will sprinkle some under the plant's mulch if it has it.

I did notice that one of the Osmocotes that I have - "Outdoor and Indoor", which I haven't had chance to use, is 19-6-12 (I normally use the "Vegetable and Bedding" one which is 14-14-14). I may try this on the citrus. I definitely wanted to try it sometime this summer on a banana pup that one of my co-workers just gave me, especially since it has a higher ratio of potassium. Based on a number of posts on the Banana Forum, bananas supposedly do very well with fertilizers having higher nitrogen and potassium.

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I have been giving love and a citrus fertilizer and sometimes an organic 'dead-fish' one to my dwarf meyer lemon tree. It's in a container that I just repotted tonight.
This tree has been struggling to stay alive for the 1 1/2 years I've had her. What fruit she does manage to hold on to is sweet and delicious but she generally only bears 4-5 lemons a season.
I don't want to put her in the ground because I am renting and want to take her with me when I go.
I noticed that big fat crickets were munching on her leaves...is there anything organic I can do to deter them from her? Also - the citrus fert label says twice a year...is that truer with container trees? Or should I be providing it more often?

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