Plectranthus montanus(formerly P. cylindraceus)

seedmoneySeptember 2, 2014

By request, a link to pics of Plectranthus montanus flowers. The flowers are tiny and extremely hard to photograph even with a macro lens. I have been growing this for 12 years and it has only flowered twice-- not that I 've been missing anything as you'll undoubtedly agree after viewing the blossoms... ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Plectranthus montanus flowers

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I got a clipping of this. Thanks for sharing now I know what I have lol. The person called it a licorice plant (which we know ALOT of plants are called) I didn't even know it was a succulent. I was trying to root in water. Now I placed in soil. Can you provide any tips for me in trying to get it to root? It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks

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This Plectranthus is amenable to propagation by the water method or by the usual protocol of letting it dry then placing it in gritty mix to root. In my experience it performs equally well whether under or over watered; it's truly a plant nerd's friend, plus it smells good!

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Thanks! I appreciate it! I had first tried to root in water but the end went black. So I cut it and stuck in mix! Can't wait to it roots!! :)

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