Oh Sheet!

chena(z8 Texas)November 17, 2009

To Sheet or not to Sheet!!!! LOL We survived the 30mph winds and it was 36* this morning.. NOW they are calling for 33* tonight the the rest of the week is in the 40's :0/

I did dig a few on the north side but the more I walk around and look the more WORK I see..LOL

Pam invited us to come and stay the night (would rather) than dig... So many are still Blooming and putting on Blooms and then the seed pod explosion. I just can't decide weather(LOL) to chance it.. Any input??

Lucy I have cut a few things and listed them BUT Lordy once I really start cutting I'm not sure where to put them.. 8*)


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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

I know what you mean lol

Just DO IT...you feel all the preassure lifted off you and you can actually enjoy the weather .

What is your name? E bay?



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LOL! Well, I'm gonna give you some other advice, Kylie, although getting it done does free ya up to enjoy the rest of the Fall, not to mention Thanksgiving.

We had a near frost mid-October. I brought in about 30 plants, left the bulk of them outside and said, we'll see how they fare. Well, they fared fine, and some even bloomed, even with two more night since then right at freezing. The ones inside just look pitiful, as it has not been really cold enough in the basement for them to go completely dormant. I would concentrate on getting the ones up or protected that have seedpods, if you want to have them mature. I have all my varigates and 10 mommas in my sunroom for the winter- they get the deluxe treatment and accomodations so the pods will survive and make lots of people happy next season with seedlings.

And we are having a freezing Thanksgiving, so, that's that for outside bloomers!

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chena(z8 Texas)

I have MEM holding 2 seed pods right now (open pollinated still very excited)..and a few more blooms about to open.. How well do seed pods hold if dug up now??? mine are all in the ground not pots. ??????

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PKponder TX(7b)

Here's my 2 cents...... if it were me, I'd cover the seed holding mommas and the 'special' ones, just in case it frosts. Then get in the truck and head east in the morning ;-) We spread mulch today until we are just sore and only got halfway through the pile, so bring a shovel.

No pressure, I know how you love your plants, just like me, and wouldn't want you to risk any.

And then there's the wheelbarrow ride I promised ya ;-)

Whatever you decide is cool, we can always get together in a couple weeks.


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princealbert(Aransas Pass TX)

I just dug up a 3 ft tall noid from the front yard that had been in the ground since spring. It has 2 small seedpods on it. I put it in a pot and it has not shown any wilting. The root ball was around 10 inches.
go with what your gut feeling is.

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chena(z8 Texas)

My GUT tells me you have a package on the way!!LOLOLOL!!! :0)


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My brugs withstood several frosts while I was sick. The first couple had no effect but the foliage did finally succumb after the 3rd or 4th frost/freeze. The buds and seed pods held thru the cold but I did lose the pods on the plants that I finally dug up. The pods on the container plants are still holding.

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nothing like a little weather to change your plans.

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PKponder TX(7b)

So how did they fare last night? Did you sheet or dig? ;-)

I checked weather.com this morning and you were at 32.

Hope they made it through, pods intact ;-)


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Kylie, hope the weather was gentle to your plants!

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chena(z8 Texas)

A heap of diggin and a little sheet!!!lol It was 31* so what didn't get dug up looks like limp spinach.. BUT the plants are fine blooms held and most pods are still intact.. The rest of the week is suppose to be Beautiful...
That sounds good to me... ;0)


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