New Meyer Tree - should I repot now?

nycab(7a, NJ)May 14, 2014

I am new to Citrus Trees and have looked at all the great information on this forum. I bought a 3-yr Four Winds Meyer Lemon Tree a month ago and since it came in just shaving - I potted it in a 12" pot with a mix of perlite, the shavings that came with the plant and Master Nursery Gardener's Gold, it is sitting outdoors

I just bought a Monrovia Improved Meyer at a local nursery - it has 4 lemons on it and I see new growth on some of the branches. I have attached a photo.

A few questions:
Should I repot it now in a better dirt mix or wait?
How do know where the graft line is?
How often do I fertilize?


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I read recently 4-6 weeks for fertilizing. I am new to this world as well. So far from my reading, don't change anything if it's doing well & producing fruit/ But I am still new to citrus. I have a meyer lemon too.

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madferret(UK 8b-9a)

Most Nursery soils I've had plants shipped in have been way too heavy, so it depends on the soil it's been shipped with.


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nycab(7a, NJ)

It's pretty heavy, my Four Winds tree pot is very light.

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That plant will be fine in that mix until about fall..

So make it easier on yourself to repot at the peek of growth so you will have no issues come this winter..

It's beautiful..Everything from Monrova is beautiful and of great quality..


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nycab(7a, NJ)

Thank you - I will wait.

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nycab(7a, NJ)

So I left this Monrovia tree outside until it was hitting a few days of 40s in NJ. I brought both the Four Winds and Monrovia to my bedroom (near a skylight). The Four Winds has adjusted and the Monrovia has dropped most of it's leaves and it has a ton of flowers. Which I read might be due to stress. I didn't get a chance to re-pot it due to other priorioties. Is it too late to repot it?

Also should I add a grow light to give it more light? The past few weeks we have seen very little sun.


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