Cotoneaster questions

lsst(7b)November 6, 2009

I was in Charlotte yesterday visiting and bought a 1 gallon cotoneaster plant at a local nursery.

The plants in the three gallon container were huge and had red berries.

The one I bought in the one gallon pot had no berries.

The tag had cotoneaster on it- no variety of it mentioned.

I assume it was propagated on site.

Will I get berries next year or does the cotoneaster come in both male and female and I may have bought a male?

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More than likely it just wasn't big enough to bloom, so no berries this year. Some bushes are pretty picky about living in pots. They are not sexed like hollies as far as I can tell, they are related to other rose family shrubs like Pyracanthea, hawthornes, etc..

I doubt the nursery bothered with propagating them. It is usually cheaper for them to buy them in and just grow them for one season and sell them then to take the years it would take to size them up.

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