6'-8' evergreen screen hedge

lovemyshovel(z7)November 19, 2008

Any suggestions? Right now I'm thinking hollies but I don't know which ones would be best suited for a hedge that size. What are some other good evergreen plants for a 6-8' screen/hedge?

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Sun or shade? Wet or dry? Protected spot or open, windy?

Many holly varieties -- Burford, Japanese, some of the Blue hollies, Steeds, etc.

Camellias - especially sasanquas

Osmanthus species

Prunus laurocerasus 'Schipkaensis'

Prunus lusitanica

Japanese ligustrum (will need pruning though)

Euonymus japonica -- many varieties, nice variegated ones too.

Yew - deer don't seem to like them.

Photinia - up north they aren't as plagued by disease, though they can die back in cold.

Boxwoods - slow growing

Pyracantha - impenetrable

Wintergreen barberry - impenetrable

Eleagnus pungens - takes a lot of maintenance

Arborvitae and junipers (yuck)

Florida anise

larger Rhododendrons and Pieris

Evergreen viburnums (pragense, and others)

Daphniphyllum (rare)

Southern Wax myrtles

Aucuba (take time to get large)

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How much sun is really the key. In addition to the great list above, loropetalum is a good choice sometimes overlooked as an evergreen (or everpurple, really). Haven't grown it myself in NC, but it was great in FL.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

And there are green-leaved Loropetalums as well - a nice one is 'Carolina Moonlight', with creamy white flowers spring and fall....

Tea Olives are another nice evergreen, as is Banana Shrub/Michelia figo, or Florida Leucothoe.

If you don't want all of a kind, then a few deciduous things in the areas that need the least blocking might be good - Knock Out roses, red or yellow-twig dogwoods, clethra, calycanthus, forsythias, etc., etc..

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Lots of great ideas. I'm a sucker for the gold threadleaf false cypress "chamaecyparis pisifera." They're about the right size and have medium-fast growth, but need at least 6 hrs a day sun. I read recently that there is a new silver/blue variety out this year.

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