Lots of Blooms, Alba too

butterclem(z6 W.PA)June 9, 2009

Lalalandwi suggested I follow up my post worrying about my oddly shaped Alba Luxurians buds with some posts (after they bloomed and put me out of my misery). So, while, I'm at it, here's just about everything in bloom now. I labeled these in Photobucket, but somehow the labels didn't come through, so here's the sequence: Alba Luxurians, Prince Charles and Etoile Violette, Arabella, Margot Koster, Savannah, Sizaia Ptitsa, Hakuree, Betty Corning, and an overall shot of the arbor, which will eventually (a few weeks, I trust) be lined with Prince Charles, Etoile Violette, Duchess of Albany, and Emilia Plater.

Yet to bloom are Dutchess of Albany, Emilia Plater, Palette, Harlow Carr and Gazelle. With the exception of Etoile Violette, this is just the second year these plants have bloomed.

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I LOVE IT!! 2 yrs only?! They look a heck of alot more established than that!

I really like how you have your intregrifolias growing. Another thread is going on about it & I'll link her here to see this!

PC & EV make a beautiful combo & love how you've trained MK along the fence.

Your fountain garden is beautiful! Which one is growing on the right?

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Love the fountain garden!!!

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butterclem(z6 W.PA)


The two clems to the right of the fountain are Duchess of Albany (closest to the fountain) and Emilia Plater (to the right of DofA). They both have lots of buds, but no blooms yet.

I must confess I'm not completely satisfied with DofA there. She's not a great clinger, and tying her to the deer netting behind the trellis interferes with Emilia Plater's growth. Also, if I disappear for a few days (and I've had to do that a lot this year because I'm taking care of my mother) she's drooping so much foliage when I get back that tying her up is a bit scary (and in fact I have accidentally killed stems while doing so).

Thanks for all your kind words.

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