Brugmansia cutting problem

SophieMarie(WALES, UK 9)November 29, 2012

Hey guys, I'm concerned about my Brugmansia cutting, I've had it a week now and I've already noticed strange things. I'll share her back-story as it may help with diagnosis.


She's of the 'Dalen's Pink Amour' Variety
I bought her a week ago from a seller on eBay, she arrived in really bad condition, also a day late. pot & soil were freezing to the touch (as if she'd just come out of the fridge or something) soil had tipped into the box. roots were damaged. She needed re-potting.

I've watered her twice since she's been with me, small amounts of course... first time without fertilizer, second time with it (EZFeed[i think] tomato) just a tiny tiny drop.
In a north facing window, certainly getting enough light & heat. But she doesn't look happy, she needs something I just don't know what!


Although the tip of the plant looks bright green and is covered in areas of new growth that appears to be making progress, the leaves seem too soft, not floppy... just very weak... The base of the stem on the other hand, the first bottom inch that meets the soil looks like it's become slightly thinner, it looks dry and has darkened in colour.

Was it the shock of being in a cold sorting room (as the delivery was late) or falling out of her pot in transit?!
Have I over-watered or overfed? Is she warm enough? She's indoors and I plan to keep her as an indoor plant.

'ellllp :(

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Seems to me (speaking as a brug seller) that you should have immediately contacted the seller and emailed her a photo. If there was a thought of freezing temps- (which are the DEATH of angels) she should have offered insurance. Contact her now and let her know the condition it arrived in. Packaging is very important too, I've learned the hard way. You have to wrap the roots in plastic, and then the whole plant in newspaper. Then you have to tape the whole thing down really well so there's no shifting. If this seller wants to maintain happy customers, they should ether return your money or give you store credit for next year! Just my opinion! Good Luck! :)

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It doesn't look good for your cutting. It may come back because they are pretty hardy but you need to not water it so much. You should pot it in a small pot of damp, not wet, soil and wrap the pot in saran wrap around the base of the plant,snuggly, and forget about it for several weeks. No more watering or fertilizer. If it is coming back, that will do it. In a window should be good.
Good luck.

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SophieMarie(WALES, UK 9)

Thanks Kasha! I sent an email to the seller with photos attached and he's agreed to send another. More securely wrapped this time. It should arrive Thursday or Friday! :D

Bill, I've taken your advice and wrapped her up warm! She's hanging on but she looks terrible! (I've attached a photo)

So.. when the new cutting arrives (hopefully this one's rooted) do I follow the same feeding/watering plan as you've told me? Do I re-pot this plant into a larger container if it has roots? Sorry if these are silly questions, I really want to make sure this one survives!!

Thanks both :D

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I agree with the others, no more watering or fertilizer for now. Shouldn't need repotting right now. They go dormant anyway in the winter.

I'm glad the seller is sending you another. It should be covered under e-bay's insurance (but not the shipping). Someone sent me 2 and I think they were stolen, I never got them, and he replaced them and paid the shipping himself.

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That's a very green cutting and is more susceptible to rot, especially if it got chilled during shipping. Heed the advice given about how much you water. The pot it's in might be a bit too big. A smaller pot is preferable until you get good root development. The soil looks very peaty and probably isn't well draining. That amount of soil, especially with it being so peaty doesn't give it a chance to dry out. You might want to go with a better draining mix in a smaller container. Good luck with the cuttings (old & new)

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I agree with Karyn. I think the cutting that you have will survive if you get it into something slightly damp not waterlogged.
Good luck

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