digging for overwinter

hibiscus909(7)November 4, 2009

I keep some potted brugs in the house overwinter, and some go into the unheated garage.

On the garage ones, last year I had one drop its leaves and the other one didn't. Funny - there is no window in there, just light when I open the door.

This year I have 2 brugs that are still in the ground. I am wondering if I should dig them up and pot up now, or wait until a light frost makes them drop their leaves. They will then go into the garage.


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chena(z8 Texas)

I would wait and Strip the leaves before you bring them in..Bugs like leaves..LOL So where are you??? not all Z 7's are created equally...


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"Bugs like leaves"
Don't I know it!
I usually don't have too many problems with the brugs (elephant ears are the worst), altho this year I brought a hornworm in on one and it took me a few days to notice. Ouch.

So I should let the cold zap the leaves first and then dig them?

I am in the part of z7 that is almost z8...but not warm enough to leave brugs in the ground reliably. Maybe a bigger plant would do better than the one I tried.


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Just to save you some work- I am in zone 7b- NC & my brugs stay in the ground year round & are beautiful! Where are you located? It may be that you have to take them up- but you sound closer to zone 8 than I am..
Good luck!

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