juniper male/female

kitteh(6 ohio)January 9, 2014

Is there a way to sex my junipers if the have not fruited yet ?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how old...

how big ..

and what type ...

it is usually tied to maturity .... one might say sexual maturity ...


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DNA test. Though I'm not sure it's available yet for junipers.


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kitteh(6 ohio)

there is the pic and type -

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if you are thinking something like holly.. where you need a boy and a girl ... i am not aware of juniper needing such ...

there are a slew of blue J. h. .. of which i can not tell them apart ... except by the name i bought them by.. and joy told me half of those are wrong... lol ...

they are very young.. recently planted plants.. i would think at least 3 to 5 years.. before they do it on their own ... at least ...

and i dont think there is anything you can do to speed it up.. since its a function of getting 'established' ... and then maturing ... so.. on some level.. it is genetic.. and things such as fert.. are not going to change genetic predisposition ...

i dont understand resins answer ... as i didnt know juniper was either male or female ... maybe he will clarify such ... and we can all learn ..

and i dont understand your question ... are you wanting to speed berrying.. or are you asking if its male or female????

all that said.. i cant think of a lot of berries on Jh ... and right now.. they are under 18 inches of snow.. so i cant go look ...


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Yes, Ken. Next time you are driving around or even at your place, pay close attention to the junipers in late summer/fall. Some will have cones/berries and some will not. The mature trees that do not have cones/berries are male and the ones with cones/berries are female. It will be one of those things when you see it you will kick yourself for not noticing it sooner =)

Edit: I realize this is J. horizontalis but the same advice holds true for the more commonly encountered J. virginiana. They are both dioecious, having only male or female pollen cones on an individual plant.

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I have been trying to sex Eastern Red Cedar prior to sexual maturity. Basically the young trees that tend to be fuller in foliage, more perfect Christmas tree shape or more pleasing shape will be females. Those that are more leggy/rangey will be males. So far I have I am correct over 50%,but not sure by how much, so it could just be sheer luck. But it make for fun trying.

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