whacked jade guidance

hookilau(long island NY)September 24, 2012

So a lucky CL find (lucky=cheap) now has me up to my ears in whacked jades =) I have 10 jades with pleasingly large trunks.

The plants were all about 18" tall from soil line but seriously top heavy. The root system, I found after bare rooting them, was really disproportionate. I'm guessing this is normal.

I put them in plastic bonsai training pots (also a lucky CL find) and have them inside cause our night time temps are in the 50's but I plan to put them back out (shaded) during the warmth of the day (expecting 70's). They are all now in a lovely gritty mix, surgery was conducted yesterday & today, all cuts are drying well and visibly shriveled. I have cuttings that are also quite thick in gritty mix, Rx for them is no water till new growth.

Does bottom heat help the rooted guys recover? Also, they had very large leaves (see pic), the largest leaves on mine, by comparison are only about 1". Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I've never pruned such large Jades before.


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hookilau(long island NY)

big, huh? lol.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Nice collection!
The big leaves usually grow in response to lower light and/or high fertilizer levels.
The new leaves that grow in will be smaller, I imagine.

If the plants have roots, wait about a week to give them some water. That should be
enough time for any root-damage to have callused.


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