Tips needed: Senecio radicans repot

greenmikey(6)September 6, 2013


I recently saved a mix of succulents from Lowe's that made it to the clearance rack. There were bits rotting out here and there and they were going to die without my help. Last night I separated all of the plants, bare rooted them, and potted most things up in gritty mix and left a few out for weekend decisions. Fun stuff.

Ok, now to the frustration. Last night I attempted to repot Senecio Radicans, string of bananas, and I cannot think of a way to cleanly get the roots in the soil for more than a few strands. The weight of the "bananas" will pull the shallow root system out of the pot unless it is well covered. Well covering a strand or two makes me not able to adequately cover the remaining roots in gritty mix. I have about 10 strands of them and I was able to get 5-6 looking good but ended up shoving the rest in and pouring mix on top and slowly picking out foliage I buried.

Are there any tips on how to repot these weighted vine-like succulents?

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these string type plants always just end up as a cutting fest when I repot, I usually knock off many strands. sounds like yours are of descent length you could chop down so you can pot the rooted bits as you want and then bury some more cuttings in there. I just got a little bit of this plant this summer, but in my limited experience it has rooted way deeper and stronger than my string of buttons/donkey tail type plants

even just laying them on top of the mix or doing exactly as you've already done sounds reasonable to me as well. you don't like how it looks?

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I really do like how everything looked until I realized I had 5-6 strands still left to be planted. Ill take a pic when I get home. It does not look horrible and I really think it will grow into the container once it recovers crappy-soil-itis. The little roots really grabbed into the former heavy soil but like to slide around in this fresh gritty mix. I might get the mix wet so it has a bit more sticking power though.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

When this happens to me, I use a little rock to prevent the roots from being able to pull out. You could also use a little metal piece fashioned into a "u" shape, to hold things pinned down but that would be much more tedious, IMO.

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YES! This seems so clear now. My girlfriend also asked why I didn't do that last night.Sometimes an obvious solution is sitting right in front of you. I will skim a bit of the mix (where most of these plants are rooted) and try it out.

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I would like to reposition some of the pieces to better fill the center (where my rock was) and control the aerial roots but otherwise I've made a step in the right direction.

Thanks! purpleinopp and scradleye.

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Double post :(

No point in wasting this space i created. Here is another victim of the Lowes plant massacre. I have no clue why one has beautiful healthy leaves and the other just has them with new growth but I don't mind.

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