Unhealthy leaves?

ShellyLovesLimes(7)June 17, 2014

I have a 2 year old Bearss Lime tree in a container that I got in April from a nursery that purchased from Four Winds. The last couple of weeks I have noticed the leaves are getting more yellow. Some of the leaves have always cupped the wrong way since purchasing. There are some holes on a few of the leaves that are new as well. I cannot find any pests (other than a few spiders....ewww). Fertilized today hoping that is what it needed. Last time I fertilized was probably 1-2 months ago. I have been using Dr.Earth Organic fertilizer. Dirt does not appear too wet or too dry but cant be 100% sure that is not the case. Any Idea what could be going on?

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Sunburn and or a lack of immediate working good balanced soluble fertilizer... The organics in a pot can burn your roots, smother them and cause yellowing leaves because the nutrients in them are not taken up by the plant as it should as in the ground, and even in there it can take quite a while with the right conditions...

It needs a good fertilizer readily available as soon as possible if it's not sunburn I see...

Did you just stick it in full sun? Did you acclimate it?


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If you really want to stay organic, look for Espoma Citrus Tone; it is a very good product, albeit a bit pricey.

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